YOSA musicians Andrew (left) and Kaan take a break before the performance. Photo by Scott Ball.
YOSA musicians Andrew (left) and Kaan take a break before the performance. Photo by Scott Ball.

San Antonio’s music scene can expect a memorable night at YOSA’s Abbey Road Live performance, slated for March 14, 2016 at the Tobin Center for Performing Arts.

The show will feature the songs and music from the Beatles’ Abbey Road ablum, interpreted by local bands and the Youth Orchestra of San Antonio (YOSA). Taking on one what is arguably the greatest albums of all time is no small feat, but if the success of YOSA’s Ok Computer Live gives any indication of the impact and success a concert like this can have, then Abbey Road is in more than capable hands.

If you were able to attend OK Computer Live, you’ll recall how rich and full the Radiohead album felt when re-contextualized within an orchestra, arranged and led by YOSA Music Director Troy Peters.

“One of my biggest considerations in selecting an album to cover next was finding something that would feature the warmth and variety of the orchestra’s sound,” Peters said. “In the end, I was drawn in by the remarkable variety of Abbey Road. The album explores an incredibly wide variety of styles and moods, making it perfect for reinterpretation by different guest artists.”

One of the most exciting things about the Radiohead concert was the lineup of talented local artists – many of whom were new to the audience. The performance managed to present new artists through a respected album supported by a full symphony orchestra – while remaining completely local. Abbey Road Live will follow the same structure as OK Computer while exploring the idea of combining artists and creating opportunities for collaboration.

A promotional banner advertising the YOSA Abbey Road Live concert. Courtesy Photo.
A promotional banner advertising the YOSA Abbey Road Live concert. Courtesy Photo.

Featured performers include:

• Jangly art-rock legends Buttercup
December’s End, a indie folk-rock quartet
• Orchestral indie-pop collective Deer Vibes
Femina-X, an avant-garde electronic group (Full disclosure, I play violin in this group)
• Soulful rock band fishermen
The Marcsmen, an a cappella men’s chorus
• Up-and-coming indie pop group Octahedron
The Please Help, fronted by local rock godfather Phillip Luna
•Dynamic pop-rockers Ready Revolution
Sioux & Fox, a youthful baroque pop quartet
•Alyson Alonzo’s freewheeling blues collective, Sugar Skulls
We Leave At Midnight,  the psychedelic rock band

“We felt very lucky that the dozen guest artists we worked with on OK Computer Live were so varied and so wonderful. The chemistry and camaraderie that night made me want very much to do two things:

“First of all, I wanted to keep working with the OK Computer Live artists in other venues, which we have done,” Peters said. ”

YOSA collaborated with artists like  Alyson Alonzo, Nicolette Good, and Octahedron in the Rivard Report’s first Estática event at Brick in August. In October, artist Nina Diaz was featured during YOSA’s “STOP! And Feel the Music event.”

Demitasse performs "No Surprises". Photo by Scott Ball.
Demitasse performs “No Surprises.” Photo by Scott Ball.

YOSA has already made a profound impact on the local music scene through these collaborations and concerts. Many of the young musicians and alumni who performed in the orchestra that night have gone on to either join or create their own bands as a direct result. San Antonio’s  music scene isn’t a small club, it includes many performers and continues to expand and evolve.

YOSA’s upcoming performance will feature both familiar artists and new rotating guest acts. Femina-X and Octahedron, who played at the OK Computer Live Show, will be returning for Abbey Road Live. Three others acts will return in a different configuration: Joe Reyes and Erik Sanden of Demitasse will perform with Buttercup, Alyson Alonzo will be joined by her band Sugar Skulls, and Jonathan Raveneau will perform with his band December’s End.

If you’re getting the sense that Peters and YOSA want this to be a recurring event, you’re right.

“We hope this concert becomes an annual tradition, with different bands and singers rotating in and out of the lineup over the years,” Peters said.

No two performances will be the same.

Ticket prices range between $18-$45, with a $20 add-on option that includes admission to the event’s after party at Radius. Tickets go on sale on Nov. 20, 2015 at 10 a.m. Click here to purchase tickets online.

Featured Image: YOSA musicians Andrew (left) and Kaan take a break before the performance.  Photo by Scott Ball. 

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Darian Thomas. Courtesy photo.

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