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A microphone before the event began. Photo by Scott Ball.

To request a media kit or discuss advertising opportunities please contact us at advertise@sareport.org.

The San Antonio Report, formerly Rivard Report, provides a fast-growing platform for companies, institutions, nonprofits and other organizations to engage with San Antonio’s established and emerging urban communities. We offer advertising placements in various formats, sizes, and price points. Sponsorship availabilities help underwrite our growing commitment to independent, local journalism. Partnerships represent opportunities for like-minded organizations, nonprofits and community groups  to form a creative alliance with the San Antonio Report for mutual promotion of our shared values, goals and business objectives.

Founded in February 2012, and nonprofit since late 2015, sanantonioreport.org now has an average of 500,000 monthly views. We attribute such market enthusiasm to our unique status as local media that contributes to a more progressive San Antonio, a dynamic city with a vibrant urban core that serves as a beacon for young professionals attracted here by good jobs and a wonderful lifestyle.

We are proud to work with nonprofits, small businesses and startups as well as more established businesses and organizations that are migrating from traditional print and television media to digital branding, advertising and marketing. Find out how your business or organization can benefit by advertising with the San Antonio Report. Contact us at advertise@sareport.org.

Advertising Policy:

The San Antonio Report cannot guarantee ad impressions or clicks although we always strive to provide a realistic expectation of what an ad can expect to achieve. As a nonprofit online news source, we are committed to delivering credible journalism. Our content attracts readers who are highly engaged members of the community. We avoid sensationalism and clickbait material as a method of drawing readership, but rather we focus on thoughtful stories that tackle the city’s problems and challenges as well as spotlight innovative solutions. Thank you for working with us; we appreciate your support!

Political Advertising Policy:

  • The San Antonio Report accepts affirmative advertising from candidates, campaigns and issues that is in sync with its mission of promoting civic engagement and civil, informed discourse.
  • Such advertisements cannot be used to attack or fundraise; they must be clearly labeled as advertisements; and the person or group who paid for them must be clearly identified.
  • Direct comparisons with other candidates and/or the unauthorized use of another person’s likeness are not permitted
  • The San Antonio Report reserves the right to refuse a campaign or issue advertisement for any reason.

Sponsored Content:

Sponsor-generated content is content produced by an advertiser that lives on the San Antonio Report and website is promoted alongside the San Antonio Report‘s own editorial content. The content will be tagged as ‘sponsored’ anywhere it appears on the website. The San Antonio Report‘s editorial department has no involvement in the creation of this content, except for proofing and publishing the final draft. Editors may make minor edits in accordance with AP and San Antonio Report style guidelines. The points of view expressed in sponsored content don’t reflect those of the San Antonio Report, and sponsors play no role in the San Antonio Report’s editorial decisions. Advertisers are not permitted to use editorial content or copy produced by the San Antonio Report. The San Antonio Report may refuse publication of any content that undermines the integrity of its brand. No political endorsements will be permitted.

Advertising Due Dates & Cancellation Policy:

All advertising content is due at least one week (seven days) prior to the publish date. If ad content is delivered late, the publish date may change. If the San Antonio Report misses an ad publish date, the advertiser will be reimbursed with another ad of equal value. No monetary refunds will be issued. If the advertiser misses a scheduled publish date, the San Antonio Report cannot guarantee another publish date. Ads can be rescheduled with 1 week (7 days) notice. A minimum of 30 day notice is required for any contract cancellations. Whenever possible, SA Report will work with the advertiser to reschedule the remainder of the contract rather than cancel. If the contract has already been paid in full and there are remaining unused units, SA Report will work with the advertiser to reschedule any remaining unused units and/or issue a credit, but no monetary refunds will be issued.