Estática, the Rivard Report’s new music series, will bring together local artists and musicians for a unique experience at the Brick at Blue Star Arts Complex on Aug. 6.

The first collaboration – which includes a string orchestra from the Youth Orchestra of San Antonio (YOSA), Aerial Horizon, Octahedron, Nicolette Good, and Alyson Alonzo – will feature music from the recent OK Computer Live concert and originals by each of the local artists set to orchestral accompaniment.

These artists have collaborated once before during YOSA’s OK Computer Live performance last month that covered Radiohead’s entire album “OK Computer” at the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts. The well-attended event was, quite literally, life changing for many of the participants.

“It was easily the best musical experience I’ve had in my life. The best word I can come up with to describe it is ‘surreal.’ It was an absolutely magical experience to be able to work with so many talented artists on such fantastic music,” said Isaac Schutz, a YOSA violist.

YOSA performs Radiohead's "OK Computer" live on stage at the Tobin in June.  Photo by Scott Ball.
YOSA performs Radiohead’s “OK Computer” live on stage at the Tobin in June. Photo by Scott Ball.

Victoria Acuña, a YOSA violinist and lead vocalist who plays keyboard for 16 Psych?, said she witnessed talent by fellow young musicians which she had not seen before in San Antonio.

“That talent made me proud to be a San Antonian, and proud to be contributing to the arts of this city,” she said. “For me personally, meeting all these musicians allowed me to form valuable relationships for my own band. It was seriously a life-changing concert.”

Elena Lopez, the lead vocalist and keys for local band Octahedron said the YOSA event at the Tobin Center was a chance to experience music outside the typical concert venues for smaller, local acts.

“It was beautiful – such an incredible experience to get out of the bar venues and the coffee shops and to be in that setting with local musicians,” she said. “It really brought all genres together to create a beautiful masterpiece in a beautiful auditorium.”

Octahedron performs Let Down. Photo by Scott Ball.
Octahedron performs “Let Down” with YOSA. Photo by Scott Ball.

Dominic Walsh, a YOSA percussionist and drummer said the event opened his musical doors and provided him networking opportunities.

“I got more networking done in the past three weeks because of the show than I would have in the next three months,” Walsh said.

Collaboration is often a key ingredient for performances, and Estática will aim to foster that team environment.

During OK Computer Live, performers collaborated to reconstruct an artist’s vision. Estática will be a little different, as it will also include originals by the local musicians. Orchestrating the work of another artist means getting inside their artistic space. Understanding them on a personal level and powerfully placing their voice among the instruments being used – when it’s done right, anyway.

To top off the evening, aerialist Daniel Patrick of Aerial Horizon will perform to one of the OK Computer tracks. The first round of Estática will be a combination of musical composition, choreography, and live music.

Performers gather to watch an electrifying performance by Alyson Alonzo. Photo by Scott Ball.
Performers gather to watch an electrifying performance by Alyson Alonzo. Photo by Scott Ball.

The importance of collaboration to the development of a strong artistic community cannot be emphasized enough – not only is it mutually beneficial for artists involved, but it also yields highly entertaining results for audiences.

Local artists in some of San Antonio’s most prominent bands are excited about the city’s growing music scene.

Lead vocalist for Femina X Daniela Riojas said now is a critical time for San Antonio.

“As musicians, we are lucky to be on the forefront of new opportunities to perform and showcase ourselves and OK Computer Live with YOSA (was) a prime example of this,” Riojas said.

She said Troy Peters, YOSA’s artistic director, unified the academic musical world with the indie musical world.

“(These are) two important facets of a rich music community that had yet to cross paths. This concert truly brought a magnificent group of hardworking, passionate creators together in way that fostered respect, collaborative relationships, and last but not least, magic,” she said. “We all got to show our best selves – and there isn’t a doubt in my mind that the audience felt every bit of that.”

Judging by the reactions people had when first introduced to the idea by the various musicians, it was clear the night would be a success. But still, the amount of good this one night did for so many people was rather surprising – even to Peters. He said he was confident people would enjoy the show, but was unprepared for how thrilling the experience would prove to be.

“Having a bunch of San Antonio’s best bands connecting with each other, with this landmark album, and with YOSA’s young orchestral musicians was intoxicating,” he said. “It’s a real testament to the power of collaboration, especially when artists from different styles or even different art forms work together to explore new territory together. As a result, I’m thinking differently about my role as a musician in this community, about how I can use music to build bridges between people.”

A trend has started, and our team at the Rivard Report want to keep that trend alive and well with Estática. The music event series is all about promoting young, local artists to collaborate with one another to create something great.

Doors open at 6 p.m., the show starts at 7 p.m., and tickets are $12 ($13.41 w/ fees) and can be purchased here via Brown Paper Tickets. Tickets will be available at the door, but space is limited. Proceeds from ticket sales will be split with YOSA.

Brick at the Blue Star Arts Complex. Photo by Scott Ball.
Brick at the Blue Star Arts Complex. Photo by Scott Ball.

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