Dressed in floral prints and Aerosmith scarves and all denim, giddy musicians feign composed as they prepare for the stage entrance-the velvet ropes open and 1,700 adoring fans cheer on their friends and families. Youth Orchestras of San Antonio decorates the stage in symphonic majesty as leaders of the budding and blossoming San Antonio share their soul and testify to The Beatles’ “Abbey Road” at the Tobin Center for Performing Arts.

Raucous high fives and applause sends the stage hands to quiet down the enthusiasm of the bands, congratulating fisherman for their epic rendition of “I Want You (She’s so Heavy),” an arrangement magically suited for the powerhouse cellos and amplification of the band. Everyone supports everyone else, there is nothing but good vibrations and love spreading, as John, Paul, George, and Ringo would’ve had it. And just as SA would have it.
Upon the stage the musicians seem to feel magically at home, not at all bewildered by the auspiciois occasion, boldly strutting and stretching the limits of their stratospheric talent. Electricity could literally be tapped from the powerful camaraderie on stage, a renewable source of energy in the Alamo City.  Available every night across this soul-exposed city, ready for you to consume. Go on, get ya some.
For the record, here’s a list of bands that played Monday night, in no particular order:

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Adam Tutor

Adam Tutor is a Trinity University graduate, a saxophonist who performs with local bands Soulzzafying, Odie & the Digs, and Volcan, and a freelance music contributor to the Rivard Report.