"Fiesta Fiesta" 2014 revelers in Alamo Plaza for Fiesta San Antonio's opening ceremony on April 10. Photo by Iris Dimmick.

If you’re going to take a Fiesta breather, this is probably the day to do it. You can still see any of the three artsy events I mentioned yesterday, along with another one that I’ll let you know about in this post. There’s a party tonight at Bohanan’s on Houston Street that you’re not going to want to miss, especially if you like to collect medals. Finally, I’m going to let you know about a funny tradition and prank that a group of friends do each year for Alamo Heights Night—if you attended the event, did you happen to find a clothespin on your shirt? Viva!

River Art Show

Needing to add some color to your walls? You should check out the River Art Show at Main Plaza from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The San Antonio River Art Group, an organization of 250 local artists that was established in 1947, puts on this art show that lasts through Wednesday. Get a chance to visit with the artists before finding that perfect piece for your home or business.

Got Medal 2014

This is an event for medal collectors and boozehounds alike. Bohanan’s, the San Antonio River Foundation and Rio San Antonio Cruises come together to unveil their Fiesta 2014 medals at the Bohanan’s bar. Each organization will have a signature cocktail available in the adjacent courtyard—the River Rush cocktail with bourbon, lemon juice, apricot liqueur and mint leaves sounds particularly enticing to me.

Jordan Corney prepares a cocktail at Bonanan's, 222 E. Houston. Photo by Steven Starnes.
Bartender Jordan Corney prepares a cocktail at Bonanan’s, 222 E. Houston. Photo by Steven Starnes.

Rio San Antonio Cruises medal will release their seventh Fiesta medal, designed by President and CEO JoAnn Boone. The medal features well-known San Antonians riding a river barge. Boone pays homage to Denise Ezquerra, her sister who lost her battle to Leukemia earlier this year, by having her in the driver’s seat. The River Foundation’s medal is still being kept a secret until closer to the event, but I can tell you that it does feature a prominent attribute of the Northern Museum Reach. Finally, to celebrate having the Number 2 Best Steak in Texas, Bohanan’s has a medal in the shape of the Lone Star State!

Alamo Heights Night Tradition

While reading the San Antonio subreddit, I stumbled upon an interesting tradition that a group of friends has at Alamo Heights Night. Each year they try to see how many people that they can “clothespin,” meaning that they literally clip clothespins on unsuspecting partygoers. They do have a couple of rules: 1) you have to get photos of the clothespins attached to the person, 2) if it falls off before taking the photo it doesn’t count and 3) if you attach a double (i.e. a clothespin attached to a clothespin) it counts for twice the points. You got to check out these guys’ pictures, they’re great. Did anyone find clothespins on their shirts or shorts while at the event? Now you know why.

Let Garrett know about your favorite Fiesta event, awesome unofficial party or where he can find medals by emailing him at fiesta@saflavor.com.

*Featured/top image: “Fiesta Fiesta” 2014 revelers in Alamo Plaza for Fiesta San Antonio’s opening ceremony on April 10. Photo by Iris Dimmick.

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