"Fiesta Fiesta" 2014 revelers in Alamo Plaza for Fiesta San Antonio's opening ceremony on April 10. Photo by Iris Dimmick.

The first weekend of Fiesta 2014 is officially in the books. Hopefully you’re able to fight through the food coma — or any “side effects” from too much partying—to be able to make it to work on time. But just because the work week starts, doesn’t mean Fiesta stops (fortunately/unfortunately). There’s plenty to do and see this week. Today I am going to focus on three different artsy events and one artistic medal.

ITC Hats Off To Fiesta

The brightly colored, paper flower coronas and fancy sombreros just aren’t enough for some people. These types of Fiesta-goers have to take their headwear over the top, crafting a work of art that is sure to turn heads and incite gasps of “Did you see that hat?!”

While you may run into a handful of these folks at NIOSA, you can stop by the Institute of Texan Cultures throughout the entire Fiesta celebration to view 50 of the most outrageous hats. There is also an exhibit entitled Night in Old San Antonio: A History in Photographs where pictures from Fiesta past are on display.

Robert Indiana: The Mother of Us All

Robert Indiana, Decade Auto Portrait. Image courtesy of the McNay Art Museum.
Robert Indiana, “Decade Auto Portrait.” Image courtesy of the McNay Art Museum.

While I don’t quite understand why this is an official Fiesta event—it is an on-going exhibition after all—making a trip to the McNay Art Museum is always a good thing. There are two exhibitions of artist Robert Indiana, know for his iconic Love image that is seen everywhere from plazas to postage stamps. The first is called “The Mother of Us All” that features scene and costume designs by Indiana for the 1947 opera by Gertrude Stein and Virgil Thomson. The second is entitled “Beyond Love,” which is the artist’s first retrospective featuring over 100 pieces from public and private collections.

If you’re a first time visitor, be sure to check out the permanent collection that features paintings from impressionists, Native American pottery and well-known American artists. But the finest work of art may be the magnificent house and museum grounds. Allow for time to just stroll around and relax.

Randolph Art League Exhibit & Sale

The Randolph Art League was established in 1964 to promote cultural enrichment through the knowledge of the visual arts for those who serve in the military as well as civilians. You can view and purchase different works of art—from paintings, prints and pottery—in Alamo Plaza through Thursday of this week.

Artpace Medal Now On Sale

Last year’s Artpace Fiesta medal, the first for the organization, caused quite a ruckus. The artist-in-residence organization is back again with a medal designed by by Katie Pell, the international artist featured at Artpace in 2006.

While I may be a little dense—I was never good at art history and interpretation— the exact meaning of the medal is a little lost on me. But let me take a stab at it. There is an eye with you in the middle, so I assume that it translates to “I see you.”

The hand at the bottom looks similar to the icon when you mouse your cursor over a hyperlink. So my thoughts are that it is a nod to the Edward Snowden leak about the NSA spying program. Think it’s a stretch? Maybe some readers can help me out in the comments below.

Let Garrett know about your favorite Fiesta event, awesome unofficial party or where he can find medals by emailing him at fiesta@saflavor.com.

*Featured/top image: “Fiesta Fiesta” 2014 revelers (and hats) in Alamo Plaza for Fiesta San Antonio’s opening ceremony on April 10. Photo by Iris Dimmick. 


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