Mutt Productions is a local San Antonio production company co-founded by San Antonio native Aaron Lopez and San Antonio newcomer, Brandon Olmos. Both have extensive experience in film and in many facets of Hollywood.

Lopez, after graduating from Texas State University, has worked as an editor, a producer and even a stunt assistant on a range of recognizable productions such as “The Hangover,” “Inception,” and NBC’s family drama “Parenthood.” Olmos was born into the business as the son of TV and movie actor Edward James Olmos.  Brandon Olmos’ first taste of acting came as a child when he worked as an extra in his father’s show “Miami Vice.” Since, he’s gained experience in producing, camera work, directing and even sound editing and composing.

Mutt Production’s Company Logo

The duo met after Olmos was in San Antonio to produce a Latin music album.  They had  a chance encounter in a parking lot. Olmos and Lopez became fast friends and decided to shoot a feature in San Antonio. Shortly after their meeting they formed Mutt Productions in 2004, named after Lopez’s childhood nickname “Mutt.”

Mutt Productions has since been steadily engaged with many ventures around the city including making commercials for McDonalds, HEB, a local Honda dealer and  a host of music videos for local bands and artists. Besides these projects Mutt Productions has also completed work on three independent films including, “Curse of Lechusa” “The Return of Johnny V” and “Dani the Ranch Hand.” The first premiered in 2009, with the second premiering last December to two sold out showings at the Josephine Theater.  Their most recent production premiere July 21st, also at the Josephine.

To give you an example of some of their work, the trailer for “The Return of Johnny V” is below, but be warned that the movie is in the style of “grindhouse” horror films.  I and if violence is not your thing you may want to check out their other portfolio pieces instead to get a feel for their high quality productions.

YouTube video

As I have highlighted before in my San Antonio in Motion pieces, our city is no stranger to high quality film talent and productions and the content from Mutt Productions only amplifies that point.

For more of Lopez and Olmos’ fine work, see their website, like them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter @Mutt_films.

Olmos and  Lopez  in the Mutt Production’s studio

–Donald Dimick

Rivard Report video editor & Trinity University student, Class of ’13.