Dave Sims serves as Rackspace’s Lead storyteller. The title  seems odd for a graduate of the London Film School and a producer with more than four feature films. Sims has produced a hundred short films and fifty commercials yet he embraces the position passionately. After graduating from film school, Sims set out to tell his own stories through film but after working for the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) in Johannesburg and experiencing that world post-apartheid,  he realized his passion for documentary filmmaking.

“I realized that I needed to turn my camera lens outward to document the countless stories around me.” Sims recounted via email.

The video below is an exceptional example from the hundreds of videos Sims and his team produce.  They exhibit extraordinarily high production values the fascinating culture they are tasked with documenting–everything from employee weddings held at the office to the spiral slide built for employees. This video takes you inside Rackspace’s headquarters, the Windsor Park mall which was converted to Rackspace central and affectionately called “The Castle.”

Sim’s fervor for filmmaking and documenting stories  continued after his return stateside to San Diego, California, where he continued his work across the spectrum, including original television programming, web videos and even a few feature films. Rackspace needed someone to help tell their story of “fanatical support” and the company’s goal of becoming the premier provider of cloud hosting. They offered Sims the job which accepted in October of 2010.

Dave Sims capturing life inside "The Castle"
Dave Sims capturing life inside “The Castle”

“I quickly came to see Rackspace as an innovator, changing the world through technology and changing the business world through it’s vibrant culture. From that point on, documenting the people that are driving Rackspace forward and the journey that Rackspace is on became my personal mission.”

Sims may serve as Lead storyteller for Rackspace, but he doesn’t tackle the task alone. Jacob Forbis, a graduate of UT’s film program, assists Dave here in San Antonio.  On the west coast Rackspace employs the talents of Rocky Barbinaca and Robert Scoble to cover all things startup in the heart of Silicon Valley and the surrounding startup world. The Rackspace video  team although small, their output is entirely the opposite, producing almost seven hundred videos of year covering all walks of the Rackspace and tech startup worlds.

To explore the rest of Sim’s work chronicling the story of Rackspace and even its place in the greater San Antonio community, be sure to check out his videos on The Rackspace Foundation and SA2020 or their entire array of videos available through the Rackspace Hosting Youtube channel.

You can follow Sims on Twitter @video_dave or follow the video section of RackerTalent.com.

–Donald Dimick

Rivard Report video editor & Trinity University student, Class of ’13.