The neighborhood of East Terrell Hills will soon be receiving high speed internet from Google Fiber.
Residents in the neighborhood of East Terrell Hills will be able to obtain high-speed internet from Google Fiber. Credit: Scott Ball / San Antonio Report

Google Fiber’s rollout in San Antonio has been slower than many expected when the internet provider announced in 2015 it would be launching services here.

So far, signups have been available only in such far Westside neighborhoods as Westover Hills and West End Park and near the controversial prefabricated “fiber huts.”

But beginning Tuesday, Google Fiber is offering registration for super-fast internet in the Northeast San Antonio neighborhoods of East Terrell Hills and Wilshire Terrace.

“We’ve had an overwhelming amount of support and interest in our service on the west side of town, so we built out many neighborhoods there,” said Tyler Wallis, Google Fiber’s San Antonio city manager. “We’re continuing to build out on the West Side.

“We’re kind of starting on both ends and working our way toward the center. We’re excited to now be able to offer service to residents in that northeast part of town.”

Building a new fiber network takes time, Wallis said, but new signup areas in other Northeast San Antonio neighborhoods will be announced every three to four weeks as Google expands its fiber infrastructure over the next few months.

Google’s Fiber 1000 service offers 1,000 megabit-per-second download and upload speeds for $55 a month. That is 40 times faster than the minimum speed required to stream an ultra-high-definition video, according to the Federal Communications Commission.

Internet service providers have traditionally offered higher download than upload speeds, but Fiber’s downstream and upstream rates are equal because of the growing use of smart home and other Internet of Things (IoT) devices, Wallis said.

Google Fiber San Antonio Manager Tyler Wallis.
Google Fiber San Antonio Manager Tyler Wallis. Credit: Scott Ball / San Antonio Report

Tuesday marks the first time the company is offering its fiber internet product in San Antonio’s City Council District 2.

“High speed internet service adds tremendous value to our community,” Councilman Cruz Shaw (D2) said in a written statement. “This is such an important step in San Antonio’s journey toward improving access for residents across the city.”

Google Fiber does not make maps of its coverage area publicly available and won’t say how many people have signed up for its service. Residents may visit Google Fiber’s website to see if their homes are eligible for service.

Signup is open until Sept. 13.

JJ Velasquez

JJ Velasquez

JJ Velasquez is a columnist at the San Antonio Report. A former reporter and editor at the SA Report, he currently works as a project manager for New York City-based Advance Local.