The entire lineup hit the stage for an encore of "High and Dry". Photo by Scott Ball.
The entire lineup hit the stage for ana encore of "High and Dry." Photo by Scott Ball.

The Tobin Center for the Performing Arts hosted the Youth Orchestra of San Antonio (YOSA) for a performance of Radiohead‘s most popular album to date (arguably), “OK Computer.”  The album was released in 1997 and considered a masterpiece by fans, musicians, and critics across the globe.

Local artists teamed up with the philharmonic with appearances by Lonely Horse who played the hard hitting “Paranoid Android,” Demitasse serenaded with “No Surprises,” Femina-X appropriately “Exit Music (For a Film),” and more.  One artist in particular, Alyson Alonzo brought down the house with a breathtaking performance of the haunting track “Lucky,” one that finished with a standing ovation.

The performance was both a snapshot of San Antonio’s talented local musicians and an opportunity for them and YOSA to show off their stuff on a world-class stage.

Demitasse performs "No Surprises". Photo by Scott Ball.
Demitasse performs “No Surprises.” Photo by Scott Ball.

I spoke with state Rep. and musician Diego Bernal (D-123), who had the task of reciting the track “Fitter Happier.”

“I was listening and watching folks rehearse early in the day. It was absolutely a moment in the musical history of San Antonio it’s really special. I can’t describe it but when you see it and hear it, it’s amazing. I can’t help but think and feel is that it sort of demonstrates the power of music and art to bring people together. You have all these different people, different ages, different genres they play themselves for themselves. It’s just incredible, it’s a real testament to what we have going on here.”

The evening ended with an encore of a Radiohead favorite from “The Bends” album titled “High and Dry” where the entire lineup ran out on stage embracing and singing and playing their hearts out.  It was a magical evening and as a Radiohead super fan myself, I left with a grin.

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