The second edition of the Rivard Report’s music series, Estática, will bring together local bands and artists with the talented Youth Orchestra of San Antonio for a special encore performance of Abbey Road Live on Wednesday, April 27 at the Pearl Stable.

Musicians and YOSA collaborated for the unique interpretation of the classic Beatles’ album during a recent performance at the Tobin. But the encore performance will give the audience a taste of what made Abbey Road Live special, while highlighting local bands such as Buttercup, Emissaries, fishermen, and YesBodyElse.

“One of the things that YOSA has been really excited about over the last couple of years is drawing similarities between different musicians and styles of music,” said Troy Peters, YOSA music director. “One way to do that is through a combination of different musicians and their interpretation of classic albums.”

Each of the four bands will redo one of the songs on Abbey Road album, and then perform an original song with the orchestra. “The audience will get to know the bands better through the Abbey Road music,” Peters said. “But they’ll also get a better idea of what the bands are about on their own.”

The diverse lineup of musicians is guaranteed to attract a diverse crowd of different age groups, interests and backgrounds. But that diversity also means new creative and musical experiences in a fun, festive environment.

“What stands apart from the symphony or club performance is the blend of the musicians from different styles that creates a different blend,” Peters said. The performances are introducing new sounds, collaborations and a sense of vitality to the bands and the audience.

“The connections between different types of bands, and working with great young musicians – the energy that’s come out of that has been really amazing.”

The performance will take place at The Pearl Stable on April 27 from 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Tickets cost $15. For more information, or to purchase tickets, click here.

Top Image: Deer Vibes performs “Come Together.” Photo by Scott Ball. 

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