Tuesdae Knight is the new CEO of SAGE (San Antonio for Growth on the Eastside)
Tuesdae Knight is the new CEO of San Antonio for Growth on the Eastside (SAGE). Credit: Courtesy

The board of directors of San Antonio for Growth on the Eastside (SAGE) announced Monday the selection of Tuesdaé Knight as CEO of the Eastside economic development group.

The appointment follows the resignation this fall of the organization’s longtime CEO, Jackie Gorman, who was widely credited with focusing and enhancing the nonprofit’s operations, and that of an interim chief executive who resigned following a brief tenure.

“Tuesdae’s commitment to maintaining and growing relationships, as well as her commitment to expanding SAGE’s economic and workforce development efforts for San Antonio’s Eastside residents, speak volumes about her understanding of the needs of SAGE’s constituency and clearly illustrates her as an asset to SAGE and the Eastside community,” stated Robert Melvin, board chairman.

“We are confident that Tuesdae will continue to build upon the momentum of our organization,” Melvin added.

Knight serves as the vice president of membership and business development for the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce. She previously worked as the director of communications and of membership at the YMCA of Greater Houston and earned a master’s in business administration from Texas A&M International University.

“I am extremely honored to be selected as the CEO of SAGE and look forward to serving the Eastside community and its residents by continuing to bring much-needed investment and economic opportunity to the area,” Knight stated.

Knight will oversee the day-to-day operations of SAGE starting in December.

SAGE serves as a growth engine for San Antonio’s historically underserved East Side. The nonprofit’s mission is to develop partnerships and resources that help expand and grow Eastside businesses and support new business in the area through grant programs. 

After Gorman resigned as CEO in September, ending nearly 10 years with the nonprofit, SAGE’s board initiated a national search and named Akeem Brown, former director of operations, interim CEO. Brown resigned less than one month later due to what he called a “difference of opinion.” Melvin, who stepped in to serve in as interim leader in late October, said then that SAGE had narrowed down the applicant pool to five local candidates, all of whom he referred to as “stellar.”

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