A worker walks by a waterfall just before the San Pedro Creek disappears under César E. Chávez Blvd. Writers and photographers are invited to explore the stream on April 9. Photo by Don Mathis.
A worker walks by a waterfall just before the San Pedro Creek disappears under César E. Chávez Blvd. Writers and photographers are invited to explore the stream on April 9. Photo by Don Mathis.

Poets, journalists, historians and nature lovers will flood San Pedro Creek on Saturday, April 9 during  “Writers Take a Walk,” an event that will run along this important but often unnoticed stream.

The creek will experience a slew of construction starting this summer as the San Pedro Creek Improvements Project breaks ground. Officials aim to complete first phase of the project – which begins at the Tunnel Inlet at IH-35 and West Quincy Street and extends to César Chavez Boulevard – in time for San Antonio’s Tricentennial celebrations in 2018. The project aims to improve flood control and preserve the area’s history, but that doesn’t prevent the project from being a part of a beautiful landscape.

A rendering of San Pedro Creek by Muñoz & Co. Photo by Scott Ball.
A rendering of a section of the San Pedro Creek Improvements Project by Muñoz & Co.

The stream can be viewed today from parking lots, alleys, and abandoned bridges. But future walkways will connect the area’s historical sites and parks with places of commerce and entertainment.

This spring will be the last time most citizens see the creek before the transformation begins. The event will be a chance to say “goodbye” to the stream, but it will also be a preview of what is to come.

For a short history of the creek, click here.

The Rivard Report has featured the poetry and photography of several expeditions by the “Writers Take a Walk” group in the past. This band of bards have previously met at locations and events such as the Bat Loco Bash, the Botanical Garden, the MLK March, and Landa Library.

The next “Writers Take a Walk” event will take place on April 9 at 10 a.m., at the San Antonio River Authority, 100 E. Guenther St. in the Historic King William neighborhood. SARA will provide attendees with an overview of the project, and discuss the project’s latest developments. The event is free and open to the public.

While movers and shakers determine the future of San Pedro Creek, ducks enjoy the water today. Photo by Don Mathis.
Ducks enjoy the water of San Pedro Creek. Photo by Don Mathis.

Writers will leave SARA around 11 a.m. and regroup at 65 El Paso Street, just west of the intersection of Arsenal and South Flores. The walk will follow the San Pedro Creek to Martin Street, passing subterranean tunnels, the Casa Navarro State Historic Site, the Spanish Governor’s Palace, the O. Henry House, the former Red Light District, historic jails, and modern hotels. These incredible sights and buildings cover less than two miles.

Group members can also view the future sites of institutions such as KIPP Academy, the Federal Courthouse, and  Frost Bank. The walk will provide writers with a glimpse to the past, present, and future.

The journey will end around noon at Piazza Italia, where writers will compose their individual reflections about some of the sights, the culture, and the history of the San Pedro Stream. Snacks, drinks, and a ride back to Guenther Street will be offered. Writers can also submit their work to The Rivard Report or Voices de la Luna for consideration and possible publication.

“Writers Take a Walk” is part of National Poetry Month in San Antonio. Visit www.npmsa.com for a complete listing of events. For more event details, contact the author at dondon213@hotmail.com or visit the event’s Facebook page.


Top Image: Just below the flood intake structure on the San Pedro Creek, a bird goes fishing. Photo by Don Mathis.

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