A close up of a specimen used to demonstrate the muscular system. Photo by Scott Ball.
A close up of a specimen used to demonstrate the muscular system. Photo by Scott Ball.

The Witte Museum will host Premier Exhibition Inc.’sBodies Revealed,” an international exhibition that informs and inspires, for four months starting this Saturday, Oct. 3. The popular exhibit will offer San Antonio families a chance to explore and better understand their health and body.

“Bodies Revealed” features more than 200 human bodies and specimens that have been carefully and respectfully displayed for visitors, offering a rare glimpse into the structure and functions of the human body. The exhibit mirrors the Witte Museum’s focus on health and movement through initiatives like the H-E-B Body Adventure, which encourages physical fitness and a balanced diet.

“This is core to what we do in our communities,” said Alice O’Donnell, vice president of Marketing for Massage Heights, during a press-preview on Thursday. Massage Heights is the exhibit’s presenting sponsor. “We believe that educating our consumers about healthy, mindful and well balanced living is a part of what we provide.”

The exhibit features real human bodies that were donated by individuals in the name of science and learning. By using polymer preservation, a special technique that delays the natural decay process, people can learn about health and the human body by looking at concrete examples of how our bodies function.

The first room of Bodies Revealed goes over bone and muscular sections of the body. Photo by Scott Ball.
The first room of the “Bodies Revealed” exhibit goes over bone structure and muscular systems of the body. Photo by Scott Ball.

“We already have 4,500 people who have made reservations to see this; we expect to see a lot of students and families,” said Marise McDermott, Witte Museum president and CEO. “This really focuses on how the body is used. People really tend to want to learn about the areas they have problems with, whether that is back problems, circulatory issues or even reproductive (issues).”

The exhibit’s reproductive wing, located in an area separate from the rest of the tour, displays a female body during pregnancy and several fetuses during various stages of pregnancy. The museum provides signs warning individuals of the exhibit’s sensitive subject, while the wing offers visitors a choice to explore the room or pass it in favor of another body system.

Visitors can also explore the connection between the muscular and nervous system which allow them to play ball or ride a bike, the physical differences between the lungs of a smoker and a non-smoker and even shows visitors what they look like when inside an MRI scanner.

“Kids are more educated nowadays, they want to know about these things,” said Premier Exhibition Production Manager Michelle Hendry. “When your mom is telling you to eat greens – this is what it looks like, this is why.”

“Bodies Revealed” will open to the public on Saturday, Oct. 3 and close on Jan. 31. Admission costs $8 for members and $10 for non-members, in addition to general admission. The front desk also offers special $5 audio tours for children and adults. Click here to purchase tickets.  

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