This article has been re-published with permission from the SAWS WaterSaver Newsletter.

“A clean slate.”

“Fresh start.”

“Turning over a new leaf.”

These catchphrases signal the coming of a new year. They also present an opportunity for improvement and that includes water-saving ways within your home and landscape.

What are your residential resolutions? Indestructible plants? A lower water bill in 2013? Check out our recommendations for saving water throughout your property – from your home and garden to the sprinkler system.

  • There are plenty of plants ideal for those sans a green thumb.Chinquapin Oak, cenizo, Mexican bush sage, purple oxalis and spider liliesare just a few. Once established, each withstands severe drought and poor soil conditions. See our plant list for more suggestions.
  • A sprinkler system that operates safely and at peak efficiency must have: A rain sensor, a backflow device, a correctly scheduled controller and regular maintenance. Check for broken heads and lines at least once monthly.
  • The largest water user inside the home is the toilet. Replacing a water-guzzling toilet with a high-efficiency toilet can save you thousands of gallons each year. And if you qualify, we’ll give you up to two free!

For more suggestions or a thorough inspection of your sprinkler system and an analysis of your home’s water efficiency, contact our water conservation experts. It just might be the one resolution that pays off in 2013!


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Erin Conant is conservation consultant for San Antonio Water System (SAWS).