San Antonio’s Robert Lopez and Raging Bull Productions push the limits of independent and local filmaking with its R.B. Copter camera rig.  An innovative remote control helicopter fitted with a camera mount, the R.B. Copter creates aerial shots typically achieved only with full scale helicopters or elaborate crane setups.  Conventional means would require expensive, large crews, yet the R. B. Copter setup does the job done with only two or three people.

This week’s featured short film, called “Franchesca’s Dream,” uses the new rig and tells the story of  a little girl stricken with cancer on a mythical journey. The video struts the R.B. Copter’s capabilities, as shots flying over San Antonio’s parks are incorporated into a fairytale narrative. Filmed for this year’s SA Arts Neighborhood and Parks Film Competition, the nine minute, 51-second short includes elaborate costumes, several shooting locations, and was captured in a single day.

Lopez  started his Raging Bull production company just last year, and also recently launched a digital advertising venture, Imarket Digital Media. These two ventures keep Lopez busy with television and online advertising projects for major companies all over San Antonio–including Time Warner Cable commercials featuring Manu Ginobili,  advertisements for Blue Bell ice-cream  and  a promotion for San Antonio’s own Havana Hotel.

The San Antonio Business Journal reported recently that Imarket Digital Media  has produced more than 20 online advertising projects for local and national companies.  You can follow Raging Bull Productions on Facebook or their website.

Robert Lopez
Robert Lopez directs his actors in Brackenridge Park for his short film “Franchesca’s Dream”

–Donald Dimick

Rivard Report video editor & Trinity University student, Class of ’13.