Screenshot of "Waiting for Justice" by Miriam Thomas.
Screenshot of "Waiting for Justice" by Miriam Thomas.

Miriam Thomas, a University of the Incarnate Word senior studying communications, lost a friend and mentor on Dec. 6, 2013 when Robert Cameron Redus was fatally shot five times by now-former UIW police officer Christopher Carter in a controversial of-campus traffic stop that occurred on private property where the honors student and senior lived.

Miriam Thomas
Miriam Thomas

“We actually met in a cultural anthropology class,” Thomas said. “Such a charming guy, he was so likable.”

After the recording of the shooting finally was released by the Alamo Heights Police Department late last month under a Freedom of Information Act demand, “a lot of people have been very quick to formulate an opinion about Cameron and about this case, relying on what UIW has to say. I would advise them to look at the other perspective before jumping to the conclusion that he was drunk and that he got what he deserved.”

Read Thomas’ blog entry entitled “Walking in your Footsteps: Life since losing Cameron Redus” here.

Thomas, 21, composed a video about the case to showcase an alternative perspective.

YouTube video

The video, posted on YouTube on March 30, was inspired by her frustration with the UIW administration and further motivated by a class she’s currently taking that requires a video project.

“I’m sure that there’s going to be some backlash,” she said, fully expecting some members of the administration and the general public to take issue with the video, which does not include interviews with UIW faculty, staff, or police officers. She is undeterred “I’m going to stick by my guns and say that I think it was the right thing to do.”

Coffee at Halcyon with Cameron Redus. Photo by Miriam Thomas.
Coffee at Halcyon with Cameron Redus. Photo by Miriam Thomas.

Read more about Cameron Redus’ life, death, and family’s lawsuit here.

*Featured/top image: Screenshot of “Waiting for Justice” by Miriam Thomas. 

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