University of the Incarnate Word. Photo by Iris Dimmick.
Administrative building at the University of the Incarnate Word. Photo by Iris Dimmick.

I recently had the opportunity to read through the autopsy report released by the Bexar County Medical Examiner last Thursday. The report’s findings provide new insight into the brutal nature of the shooting of UIW Student Cameron Redus outside of his Alamo Heights apartment complex. Shooting an unarmed student in the back illustrates a serious breach of police protocol.

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It is imperative that the administration takes these findings into consideration and realizes that reinstating UIW Cpl. Christopher Carter would be a huge injustice and would pose a lingering danger to the students and the community. The administration should also consider the long-term liabilities that this poses to the students and faculty of this university if Carter harms any other person in the future. His immediate dismissal would safeguard the students, faculty, and the staff. No student should ever be fearful of their campus police, especially during a routine traffic stop.

I have a tremendous amount of respect for police officials, such as SAPD and AHPD, and I appreciate all that they do on a daily basis to keep us safe. It is because of this admiration for proper law enforcement and well-trained officers that I believe it’s necessary to seriously rethink our campus safety policies and work for reform across the board. After all, Cameron would still be alive had Officer Carter simply exercised better judgment.

The UIW faculty, staff, the provost’s office, and the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word have strived for years to create a safe and harmonious environment for the students of this university. I greatly appreciate their continuing efforts to improve this historic institution. It is these enduring actions that first inspired me to attend UIW. This administration’s response to this incident threatens to undermine all their years of hard work.

Truth is one of the core values of this university. The fact that UIW’s administration has released multiple contradictory statements regarding this incident – as well as the actions and deliberations in its aftermath – makes it very difficult to believe that they are taking the concerns of the student body seriously. It also makes it difficult to trust any of their future statements.

I believe that through the actions of our community, students, faculty, alumni, and the Sisters of Charity, we will be able to come together to make UIW a safer place for future generations of Cardinals. If you are interested in further voicing your opinion about this matter, I urge you to contact UIW Chancellor Dr. Denise Doyle at or UIW President Dr. Lou Agnese at


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