A "Yo Voté" ("I Voted") sticker. Credit: Courtesy / Tim Deagan

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Tuesday is Election Day, the day when we can all make a difference.

Our right to vote has been hard-earned. People have fought and died for it. So it’s important that we exercise it.

Sound-bite politics has not been kind to our democracy. I urge you to closely look at what candidates are saying on the issues that matter to you and your family – whatever those may be.

I’ve worked my whole career on policy issues that matter to real San Antonians. I’ve worked on topics like health care, education, employment, voting rights and more. I’ve worked for MALDEF and now I work for AARP. So when I say that this election in particular is critical to the future success and happiness of older San Antonians and their families, I have a background to give that statement some weight.

Before you go to the polls, consider the candidates’ stances on the following issues:

Rising drug prices: Patients are paying more than ever for prescriptions. In fact, drug costs are increasing 10 times faster than inflation. Candidates at all state and federal levels play a role in correcting this trend. Does your candidate talk about solutions?

Shoring up Social Security: The latest reports say that Social Security, as it stands now, will start to fall short in 2034. Who is in Congress in 2019 will determine its future viability for current beneficiaries – and younger generations.

Health insurance: Congress tried to repeal the Affordable Care Act in 2017. Where does your candidate stand on ensuring coverage for folks with preexisting conditions?

Bolstering retirement savings: Pensions are an endangered species, so what does the future of retirement savings look like? Tens of millions of Americans don’t have access to savings plans like 401(k)s.

More help for caregivers: Millions of Texans care for aging loved ones who would not be able to live independently without their help. San Antonians especially know the importance and value of family. What about state and local officials, who are positioned to help make occurrences like hospital stays easier?

Fraud targets: Older Americans are more likely to be targeted by con artists and fraudsters. Last year alone, Americans lost $27 billion to fraud. It’s especially bad online, where it’s harder to track and prosecute the offenders. How will state and local officials combat this?

Once you’ve answered those questions, it’s time to head to the polls.

Double check that you’re registered to vote on the Bexar County website by entering your date of birth and house number. The same search will tell you your polling location. You must vote in your precinct on Election Day.

Before you head out, have a final look at your personalized sample ballot to see everything you’ll be voting on and be sure to take the right type of ID. Polls open at 7 a.m. Tuesday. If you are in line to vote by 7 p.m., you will be able to vote – no matter how long the line is.

This Election Day, I hope you join me in taking action to make this country the one we want for our families. I’ll see you at the polls.

Joe Sanchez leads AARP's advocacy work in the San Antonio area and beyond. Before joining AARP 15 years ago, Joe worked for the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF) as a lobbyist...