Trinity's Skyline Campus
Photo from Trinity University.

April 1 marks a major milestone for Trinity University. The liberal arts institution is adding a “groundbreaking major” tailored to earnest students and citizens of San Antonio. According to the university, the Fiesta major will equip students with crucial life skills that will allow them to make the most of their Fiesta experiences, and contribute to the citywide party, rather than just becoming another car in the traffic jams.

It also includes scholarly subjects such as sustainability management, piñata building, cascarone design, and balloon wrangling. The interdisciplinary field will provide specific, regionally-focused instruction in engineering, cultural studies, and art. Students who are serious about making the most of their time in college are encouraged to investigate this major, which will undoubtedly put them in a unique position as cultural experts for at least 10 days of the year.

(Oh, and April fools.)

*Featured/top image: Photo from Trinity University.

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