A mother and daughter share a book at the Travis Park Dinner en Blanc. Photo by Scott Ball.

Travis Park celebrated its one year anniversary of rejuvenation with a Dinner en Blanc, an ode to the popular Parisian event held in France every year, which has now become a popular event in cities across the globe. Tables and chairs were draped with white fabric, and people were dispersed throughout the historic park eating from picnic baskets and entertaining themselves with outdoor games. As evening approached, the beautiful white garments were kissed by the sun as the spring light peered through our city’s skyline and onto the Travis Park lawn.

As a photographer I looked for pattern, contrast, and a moment to tell a visual story of Dinner en Blanc, and there was more than enough to go around. What better way to inaugurate the beginning of Spring than to wear your favorite white garment and enjoy the entertainment and open space that Travis Park offered for this free event on Friday evening. This may be the first year after the remodeling of my favorite park, but I have a feeling this won’t be the last Dinner en Blanc.

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Scott Ball

Scott Ball is San Antonio Report's photo editor and grew up in San Antonio.