Texas Public Radio is on track to move its headquarters to the historic Alameda Theatre in downtown San Antonio, a source confirmed with The Rivard Report Thursday afternoon.

A partnership between Bexar County, TPR and the City of San Antonio would allow TPR to relocate its headquarters inside the theater at 318 W Houston St. and restore the cultural landmark located on the downtown stretch San Pedro Creek set for redevelopment.

The discussions among the stakeholders “have focused on the possibility of reopening the now-vacant theater as an event venue (with programming) that would reflect the theater’s culture and history,” stated TPR President and CEO Joyce Slocum via a brief post on TPR’s website.

During a phone interview with the Rivard Report, Slocum said TPR has been looking for several years to relocate from an office building in the far northwest side of town, 8401 Datapoint Drive, to the downtown area.

Jeff Mitchell, Design Team Consultant. Photo by Don Mathis.
Jeff Mitchell, Design Team Consultant. Photo by Don Mathis.

News of the nonprofit’s interest in the Alameda Theater broke Thursday morning during a San Pedro Creek subcommittee meeting at the San Antonio River Authority.

“There are still design issues surrounding TPR’s plans for the Alameda Amphitheater,” said Jeff Mitchell of HDR Engineering, adding that any issues were not expected to delay the San Pedro Creek Improvements Project, which is expected to break ground this summer. 

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Growing staff numbers were cited as the main reason for the relocation. 

“We’re continuing to grow and we’re in a facility that (is too small),” TPR News Director Shelley Kofler said.


CORRECTION: An earlier version of the story incorrectly identified Kerry Averyt as the speaker who first mentioned TPR during the SPC subcommittee meeting on Thursday, it was Jeff Mitchell, with HDR Engineering who referenced the TPR’s interest in the Alameda.

*Top Image: A family passes by the Alameda Theater on their way East on Houston Street.  Photo by Scott Ball. 

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