To inform readers about the candidates seeking their votes on the November ballot, the San Antonio Report asked all candidates to answer the following questions. We edited answers for clarity, not substance or grammar, and we did not fact-check responses. We restricted responses to 200 words for each question.

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Link to campaign website:



Education background/degrees earned:

BA, Organizational Management; working towards a master’s in Sports Management

Current occupation, employer, or job title:

Self employed

Previous elected offices held and/or sought:


Why do you feel you are the best candidate for the office you are seeking?

I believe in representing my community and am not running for self gain. I believe that people want to be represented by a person who shares the same values and beliefs and not someone who will be swayed by a party who wants to further a political agenda. I believe in doing what’s right because it’s the right thing to do regardless of my affiliations and will represent my district in that manner.

What three issues do you feel are most important to voters in your district?

Government should stay out of business and commerce because they cannot be impartial. Bigger government leads to more corruption and more taxes. I will always oppose programs and legislation that increases the government’s size or power. Let people decide what is right for themselves and their families, not a government that is heavily influenced by lobbyists.

If elected, what would be your top priorities after taking office?

My top priorities will always revolve around personal choice and freedom. At no time should our government be making choices about our money, religion, or ethical values, providing a person is not causing harm to another person.

How has the coronavirus pandemic shaped your priorities?

COVID-19 demonstrated how the government prefers its public to make fear-based decisions. Our economy is crumbling because instead of educating the public and then allowing people to make their own choices, the government shut everything down and we still wound up with the highest number of positive cases in the world. People should have the right to make their own decisions about what is right for them and their families. If you want to stay home, stay home; if a business decides to continue to operate, then they should be allowed to do so. Mandating closures didn’t stop the spreading of the virus, forcing people to wear masks didn’t stop the virus. All the government did by mandating all these measures was cripple a formerly healthy economy.

For incumbents: What do you consider your most significant accomplishments in office? What would you change?


For non-incumbents: What, if anything, would you do differently from the current officeholder?

I won’t take part in comparison politics. I choose to be myself, be honest, and let people make their own decisions based on facts and not personal attacks.

This article was assembled by various members of the San Antonio Report staff.