The threat of strong winds, hail and rain couldn’t stop a group of more than 100 local cyclists from gathering at the Burleson Yard Beer Garden for SATX Social Ride on Tuesday evening. Jeffrey Moore, founder of SATX Social Ride, meets up with 200 to 300 people every Tuesday for a 10-12 mile bike ride through downtown San Antonio, ending the event with drinks, food and time for socializing.

Jeffrey Moore is the founder of SATX Social Ride, a social bike riding group that meets every Tuesday for a ride through Downtown San Antonio. Photo by Kathryn Boyd-Batstone
Jeffrey Moore is the founder of SATX Social Ride, a social bike riding group that meets every Tuesday for a ride through downtown San Antonio. Photo by Kathryn Boyd-Batstone

“It’s not about vigorous exercise,” said Yvette Hernandez, SATX Social Ride organizer. “It’s a social thing and once you get to know these people, you just want to come and hang out with them every week.”

Moore created the informal group in 2011, naming them the San Antonio Tuesday Night Bike Club on Facebook, after he realized how much he and his friends enjoyed riding through the streets of downtown.

“They just had a blast seeing downtown on a bicycle especially at night when there wasn’t much traffic,” said Moore. “We had the city to ourselves.”

Today, the group attracts riders from areas throughout Bexar County and beyond including Seguin and New Braunfels.  As the group grows, so does local awareness about biker safety on the roads. Moore and Hernandez encourage the riders to contact their respective City Council representatives to advocate for safer bike infrastructure.

The City has passed several laws to protect cyclists, most notably the three-foot passing rule, and the club aims to spread the word about those laws and general biking safety. 

 “I love to see how the city is little by little growing with the cycling community,” said Hernandez.

“About 50% of our riders are women so they are going to be in charge of half the rides from here on out,” Moore said.

Moore and Hernandez will trade roles in the coming months, and switch between leading and choosing the routes so that every other week will be a “Women In Charge Ride.” To find out more about upcoming rides the group, check the SATX Social Ride Facebook page.

Kathryn Boyd-Batstone

Kathryn Boyd-Batstone is a California native and a graduate of the University of Oregon. She moved to San Antonio in December 2015 to join The Rivard Report team as photographer and videographer.