This week we look at a video from IMG studios, a great local San Antonio production company led by Heather Chandler, a former newscaster.  Chandler and the IMG team of local video producers, programmers and designers have been working extensively on promoting the city’s SA2020 project.  She also has contributed not only articles and content to the Rivard Report, but helped create the site.  Thanks, Heather!

Today’s video is one of three produced by IMG for SA2020.  The series aims to highlight the 11 focus areas of SA2020–from community safety, health & fitness to education, public transportation and others. IMG chose the theme of a germinating seed growing into a tree that provides shade for the entire community to capture the spirit of SA2020.

With only a week to complete the ambitious animation, IMG used a full-length green screen as actors dramatized the different causes, which were then turned them into silhouettes.Chandler told us that despite the tight deadline, IMG had “a blast” shooting the video calling in friends, family and even a few local celebrities like Kimberly Crawford, a former Fox Sports Southwest reporter.  Matt Stigliano, former lead guitarist of platinum rock band Bloodhound Gang, even made an appearance with his guitar in tow.

IMG Studios Staff Picture
(left to right: Roger Zamora/Videographer, Itzel Hdz/production assistant, Danny Puckett/videographer, Heather Angel Chandler/owner, IMG)
IMG Green Screen
Working on the IMG Green Screen (from left to right, Tony Irizarry, Matt Stigliano, Roger Zamora)

Check out the rest of IMG’s work for local companies and causes, including a video for the non profit AVANCE.

–Donald Dimick

Rivard Report video editor & Trinity University student, Class of ’13.