To inform readers about the candidates seeking their votes on the November ballot, the San Antonio Report asked all candidates to answer the following questions. We edited answers for clarity, not substance or grammar, and we did not fact-check responses. We restricted responses to 200 words for each question.

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Position sought:

Edgewood ISD, Place 7



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What is your educational background? Where did you go to school growing up and what is the highest level of education you completed?

I went to Kennedy High School but did not graduate. I went up to the 12th grade.

If you have completed higher education, what degrees or certifications have you earned and from where? In what years did you complete these degrees or certifications?


What is your current occupation, employer, and job title?

Currently I am retired but worked for Edgewood district for 42 years.

List any previous elected offices that you held and the term you held that office. List any elected offices you sought and the years you sought those offices.

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Why do you feel you are the best candidate for the office you are seeking?

What three issues do you feel are most important to your constituents?

The education of our kids, The well being of our staff members working through this crisis, and working with the community to improve our districts local schools

If you are elected, what will be your top priorities once you take office?

First and foremost how well of an education our students are getting especially during this pandemic, The amount of work our Teachers, Custodians, Maintenance workers and Lunch room staff are getting paid for what they do, and working on getting advanced academic offerings.

For incumbents: What accomplishments are you most proud of during your time in office? Is there any vote or decision you would change now looking back?


For non-incumbents: Would you do anything differently from the current representative holding the office you’re seeking?

Yes I would like to see more change to the topics I’ve spoken of from above. And no matter what I would be sure that the children are always first.

How do you assess your community college district or school district’s performance during the pandemic and the way it served students?

In my opinion I would rather have the kids stay home during this pandemic for many reasons.I feel we are putting not just our staff but our students at risk of catching Covid-19 at any given moment. I strongly believe if we continue to do virtual learning at home until there has been a drastic drop in the numbers of people being infected with Covid 19.

How will you approach budgeting for your district given the economic uncertainties? What are your budget priorities you would want to keep intact?

I would stop giving so much money to the administrators who have been using the money for non educational purposes. The money should be going to the schools that are in dire need of renovation, for athletics and also for our children who need more learning to get the one on one they need and hire more staff for these students. As a grandfather with a grandchild with dyslexia it hits home and it’s very important that our children , grandchildren, niece and nephews get the proper learning if needed.

How do you plan to work to overcome academic gaps that may have developed or widened during the pandemic?

I would encourage the parents not to be discouraged because we are all going through this together and it’s a learning process. It would be impossible to believe that they will get the same education that they would in school but this is where we come in as one.

This article was assembled by various members of the San Antonio Report staff.