Dwight Howard, restauranteur. Photo by Al Rendon.
Dwight Hobart, restauranteur. Photo by Al Rendon.

Words by Dwight Hobart:

This is a Hemphill County eggnog. Hemphill County is where all the men are men and the women are, too. It’s made fresh: a bottle of bourbon, a bottle of rum, a little peach brandy, eggs, egg whites and whipped cream. No frills, an eggnog for the ages. That’s how we do it – serious food.

[Liberty Bar will celebrate its 30th anniversary on New Year’s Day.]

Al Rendon
Al Rendon

Al Rendon is San Antonio’s photographer. He has spent a lifetime documenting our iconic places and unique culture. You can see more of his work at alrendon.com.

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Al Rendon is San Antonio's photographer. From landmarks to community leaders, Al has photographed the face and heart of San Antonio.