District 2 candidate Denise Gutierrez-Homer has failed to muster the votes after calling for a recount in her district.
District 2 City Council candidate Denise Gutierrez-Homer fails to pick up additional votes after requesting a recount of the May 4 results. Credit: Bonnie Arbittier / San Antonio Report

A Tuesday recount of votes in the District 2 City Council election found no change in the results tallied May 4, according to a City of San Antonio spokeswoman, leaving Keith Toney and Jada Andrews-Sullivan on the ballot for a June 8 runoff.

Third-place finisher Denise Gutierrez-Homer called for the recount last Thursday after she missed the runoff election, trailing the second-place Andrews-Sullivan by 59 votes in the eight-candidate race.

Toney, who previously served as an appointed Council member for less than five months, received 1,456 votes in the first round, good for nearly 27 percent of the total. Andrews-Sullivan, a political newcomer and military veteran, received 1,157 votes, or just over 21 percent. Gutierrez-Homer got 1,098 votes.

Runoffs also are occurring in council districts 4 and 6 in addition to the mayoral runoff between incumbent Ron Nirenberg and Councilman Greg Brockhouse (D6).

Gutierrez-Homer said the recount was necessary because of a glitch in the unofficial results. That glitch was caused by a faulty cell in a ballot reader but was remedied that night, Bexar County election officials said. Results posted on the county election site showed Gutierrez-Homer ahead by more than 33,000 votes at one point during election night – far more than the total number of ballots cast in District 2.

She watched the process all day, she said. “We definitely wanted to make sure that the residents that came out and voted were counted.”

Gutierrez-Homer said she will not be endorsing either candidate.

“I’m not comfortable with either of those two candidates,” she said. “I will not give them any opportunity to use me to make to make them look better.”

Gutierrez-Homer paid a $1,100 fee for the recount, per state law.

“This is how much I’m invested in the District 2 race,” she said. However, she does not think she will be running again for the spot in two years.

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