Finding Medina by Brandon Seale

Episode 11 of the first season of this podcast described the Battle of Medina as having taken place “somewhere in the area between modern-day Lytle, Somerset, and Von Ormy.”

That was way off.

But this podcast wasn’t the first to express confusion over the location of the battlefield. Today, three different markers dot the Bexar-Atascosa County line claiming to mark the spot where the largest, bloodiest battle in Texas history occurred.

What was the Battle of Medina and why was it fought? How do you lose a battlefield of this size and importance, particularly in a state like Texas that is so obsessed with its history? Might we be able to use modern technology to find this “Forgotten Battlefield” that has eluded searchers now for almost a century?

Listen to the introductory episode of Finding Medina to find out.

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Brandon Seale

Brandon Seale is the president of Howard Energy Ventures. With degrees in philosophy, law, and business, he writes and records stories about the residents of the borderland and about the intersection of...