Make it a smoother experience by working with a Realtor®

Buying or selling real estate is often the most expensive transaction many Americans will make in their lifetime. There are significant financial and emotional implications involved, and having a pro to help you navigate the process is crucial. So where do you start?

You will be faced with numerous options when you decide to enter the housing market, but the best way to start is by getting a Realtor®. For those who don’t know, the term Realtor® is a registered trademark that identifies a real estate professional who is a member of the National Association of Realtors® and subscribes to its strict Code of Ethics. When you work with a Realtor®, you can expect honest and ethical treatment in all transaction-related matters. It is mandatory for Realtors® to take Code of Ethics training, and they are also required to complete a refresher course regularly.

Navigating Changing Laws and a Sea of Forms

In addition to gaining the peace of mind that comes with working with a professional who has taken the extra step of committing to a higher standard, Realtors® are also well versed in the terminology of the market and know the latest changes that could affect your search. Even if you’ve bought and sold property before, laws and regulations change. But Realtors® handle hundreds of real estate transactions over the course of their career and will be current on any changes to the industry.

Also, a Realtor® will be your objective guide, someone who can help you identify your wants and needs and keep you on track when the going gets tough. Also, they’ve done this a lot and know the intricacies of the process well. In fact, buying or selling a home usually requires disclosure forms, inspection reports, mortgage documents, insurance policies, deeds, and multi-page settlement statements. A knowledgeable expert will help you prepare the best deal, and avoid delays or costly mistakes.

Getting the Best Value When Buying a Home

A Realtor® can provide objective information and opinions as well as useful insights like local community information on utilities, zoning, schools and more. They’ll be able to share objective information about each property and help you answer these two important questions: Will the property provide the environment I want for a home or investment? Second, will the property have resale value when I am ready to sell?

A Realtor® is also a powerful tool when it comes to negotiations. Many people shy away from such discussions, but that could cost you money and time. However, a Realtor® is your advocate in the process and will make your needs a priority. There are many negotiating factors, such as price, financing, terms, date of possession and inclusion or exclusion of repairs, furnishings, or equipment. In addition, the purchase agreement should provide a period of time for you to complete appropriate inspections and investigations of the property before you are bound to complete the purchase. Your Realtor® can advise you as to which investigations and inspections are recommended or required.

Selling with Confidence

A real estate sale takes much more than posting an ad online or sticking a sign in the yard. In fact, when it comes to selling, a large share of real estate sales comes as the result of the Realtor®’s contacts through previous clients, referrals, friends and family. When a property is marketed with the help of a Realtor®, you do not have to allow strangers into your home. Your Realtor® will generally prescreen and accompany qualified prospects through your property.

And remember – buying and selling is emotional. A home often symbolizes family, rest and security – it’s not just four walls and a roof. Having a concerned, but objective, third party helps you stay focused on both the emotional and financial issues most important to you.

Finding a Realtor®

Now that you know why a Realtor® is your best tool when it comes to buying and selling, it’s time to find one. You can search for both a Realtor® and a property on Not all real estate websites are created equal, and it can be a challenge to wade through all of the information available online and determine which sources are credible. However, is maintained by the San Antonio Board of Realtors®.

In addition to providing the most accurate San Antonio area property search, offers frequently updated helpful information including market news and an easy way to search for and get in touch with San Antonio area Realtors®. The site also has an “Advice for Home Buyers and Sellers” section to help you get on your feet. Or, if you want to know more about the schools and quality of life in a particular area, search the “City and Neighborhood Information” section.

For a Texas home search outside of the San Antonio area, visit, which has more information statewide and is maintained by the Texas Association of Realtors®.

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