Photo by Al Rendon.

This is my homage to Stone City Attractions for all the great shows they put on all over the country – some of my favorite images from shows that I had the privilege to document. I enjoyed the party.

Last week, legendary concert promoter and owner of Stone City Jack Orbin announced his retirement after 43 years in the industry. Orbin is one of the few remaining independent rock promoters.

“His company, Stone City Attractions, has promoted shows encompassing the entire spectrum of entertainment. The walls of his San Antonio office are adorned with Rock history. He was the man behind the scenes of concerts that created lifetime memories for fans of groups like Journey, The Rolling Stones, U2, Fleetwood Mac, AC/DC, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Bob Dylan, and more,” stated a news release on Stone City’s website.

“He laughs about not being able to keep tickets under $3 dollars, a pledge he once made in his early years. It’s with disappointment to him that radio and concerts are in a state of decline because corporate influence and corporate profiteering has turned them into homogenic puppets. However, he leaves the music industry as one of the savviest and most customer-centered movers and shakers it has ever produced. Today, he believes that there is an opening for new independent promoters to take the baton in today’s upside down state of the industry and still succeed.”

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