Síclivía Spring 2015. Photo by Page Graham.

As Síclovía evolves, it seems to be a case of the good, the bad, and the ugly.

There were many things to celebrate during Sunday’s shut down of 2.7-miles of Southtown roads in favor of bikes, trikes, rollerskates, skateboards, and really anything with wheels powered by humans. First and foremost were the almost 55,000 friends and families that shared a day of perfect, sunny weather and recreation. It was also great to see continuing improvements along Roosevelt Avenue and this year’s sponsors and vendors that had an even stronger presence along the route.

Most notable was the H-E-B stage, where nutritionists put together delectable treats, such as a kale and flank steak salad. Everyone seated in the tent received a generous sample and the staff put together a strong, coordinated effort to build a broader understanding of healthy eating opportunities in our community.

‘Safety Pledge’ Largely Unheeded

On the more unfortunate side, it seems that many people didn’t take the “Safety Pledge” offered up by Síclovía organizer YMCA of Greater San Antonio. People often walked out in front of cyclists or stopped riding in the middle of the street – causing others to slam on their breaks or swerve.

Kudos to the volunteers who attempted to communicate the Safety Pledge. Photo by Page Graham.
Kudos to the volunteers who attempted to communicate the Safety Pledge. Photo by Page Graham.

The ugly, you ask? To quote local radio DJ Steve Casanova, “It was too crowded.” With his family in tow, he went a few blocks and gave up. “I had to take the kids to Stella (a pizza restaurant) because we couldn’t ride our bikes.”

“Too many people” is generally a good problem to have, but it’s one that needs to be dealt with if Síclovía wants to continue to grow and be fun at the same time.

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