Commerce Street foot bridge at St. Paul's Square. Photo courtesy of the St. Paul's Square Association.
Commerce Street foot bridge at St. Paul's Square. Photo courtesy of the St. Paul's Square Association.

Do you have small business or startup that’s looking to pop-up downtown? If you missed out on participating in the OPEN Program’s holiday market that took over several vacant properties on Houston and Travis streets in December, you’ll have another chance to apply for the May 15-28 market at St. Paul’s Square on the near Eastside.

OPEN, a collaboration between Center City Development and Operations (CCDO), retailers, and property owners, will expand in 2015 with its first-ever spring market – without the shopping incentive of the holiday season. The program, which offers no-cost short-term leases in vacant downtown properties, has received mixed reviews, but most are supportive of the program that aims to breath life back into empty store fronts.

“OPEN has received attention from cities around the country looking for innovative ways to revitalize their urban cores,” stated Lori Houston, Director of CCDO in a news release.

Many of the same pop-ups will likely apply, but vendors that are new to the program and/or downtown market are encouraged to apply.

Applications can be found at, and they should be emailed to by March 1.

“The program activates vacant properties by introducing new, creative, and temporary retail locations with visual aesthetic. OPEN creates an environment that engages customers and authenticates downtown as a vibrant urban space, ready for long-term investment,” stated CCDO.

*Featured/top image: Commerce Street foot bridge at St. Paul’s Square. Photo courtesy of the St. Paul’s Square Association.

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