The billboard for StreetFare SA is easily visible along Austin Highway.
StreetFare SA is bringing food trucks and live music to its grounds all weekend. Credit: Bonnie Arbittier / San Antonio Report

Northeast San Antonio food truck park, StreetFare SA, is ready for its grand opening.

Off of Austin Highway, the food truck park stretches a little more than an acre. Shaded arches cover a central picnic area hemmed in by a gray brick wall dotted with succulents. There’s a semi-enclosed pavilion on one side of the picnic area that has a beer pong table and cornhole on the perimeter, and a playground on the other side of the lot. During the soft opening last week, owner Dakota Day said, kids ignored the food trucks and ran straight for the slide.

Day plans on having six trucks fill the park every day, but said StreetFare SA can hold up to eight trucks. He promised he would never book two trucks on the same day that feature the same types of foods.

“Here you can have six types of cuisine,” Day said. “So if you have a group that wants different things to eat, you’ll have different kinds of foods.”

The genesis of StreetFare SA was not glamorous — Day had a piece of land and needed something to do with it, he said. He thought about Austin’s food truck park scene, estimating that the Texas capital has at least 10 food truck parks, while he could only think of three or four in San Antonio. So he decided to bring a new one to his city.

“There are over 200 food trucks in San Antonio,” he said. “This food truck park fills a need.”

“I think it’s a trend that’s going to catch on pretty soon,” he added. “We don’t want to be late into the game.”

Day prides himself on not having “anchors,” or food trucks with long-term contracts. Instead, he said he hopes to keep StreetFare SA fresh by bringing in new trucks every day.

“If you have too many anchors, it gets stagnant,” he said. “Our longest agreement is a week long. We want people to come here and experience a new thing every time they come here.”

The one constant, however, will be the shiny silver Airstream that holds the park’s bar since food trucks do not serve alcohol. Day said since he can’t cook, he’ll take control of the bar.

“I’m a terrible cook,” he said. “I make cereal. That’s it. That’s why I’m not operating the food truck, I’m operating the park and the bar.”

The grand opening of StreetFare SA will host six trucks every day from Friday to Sunday. Tucker’s Kitchen, SlimeDog and MalDonado’s GRILL will be at the park every day this weekend.

Friday’s food truck lineup includes Cousins Maine Lobster, the Lone Star Food Truck, Cilantro Mexican Fusion Food Truck; Saturday will boast Berbere Ethiopian Cuisine and Truck N’ Taco. And on Sunday, the park welcomes Mesquite Shack BBQ, Poke Man Sushi Bowls, and the Lone Star Food Truck again.

“We tried to make it something for everybody,” he said. “That’s what a park should be.”

Jackie Wang covered local government for the San Antonio Report.