Morningside Ministries' Menger Springs campus. Courtesy photo.
Morningside Ministries' Menger Springs campus. Courtesy photo.

There is no uncertainty about it – San Antonio is growing. The population is increasing, the city is continuing to develop,F and our culture is as vibrant as it’s ever been.

Bexar County added 32,000 residents last year, and growth will continue as more people and businesses discover San Antonio and the surrounding areas.

While Millennials may be the most visible manifestation of that growth, the 25-34 age demographic is not the only population on the rise. The aging adult community, the Greatest Generation, is a population we can’t forget. At Morningside Ministries, we know the population is growing, because we see it every day in our communities. The average age of our male residents in independent living is 86, with women in the same care at an average of 84. The gentlemen and ladies in our assisted living are, on average, 85 and 89, respectively.

Two Morningside Ministries residents. Courtesy photo.
Two Morningside Ministries residents. Courtesy photo.

While it is clear that more people are moving into downtown and motorists are tired of long commutes and living far from work, suburban communities within the city and surrounding counties are growing even faster. As we look at where Morningside will grow and develop, we carefully consider where the aging demographic is headed.

Kendall County, which includes Boerne, is the fifth fastest growing county in the nation. It’s especially popular for retirees. Boerne was recently named one of the top 10 towns for families by Family Circle. The land is beautiful, the city is relaxing, and it’s a great place to live. We recently broke ground on a $42 million expansion project in Boerne at The Overlook at Menger Springs.

Our intent: to provide the best possible community for our residents in an amazing location.

We have developed Morningside Ministries retirement communities across San Antonio including The Manor, The Meadows, Chandler Estate, and now the expansion of our Menger Springs campus. We currently serve more than 920 residents and patients on these three campuses.

The purpose of the expansion is to enhance the property and provide more opportunity for residents with The Overlook, a 68-unit independent living apartment building and a new three-story assisted living building. The project is expected to be completed in the Summer 2015.

Growing the communities outside of the urban core is just as important as growing the city center. The city is thriving. We’ll continue to see more and more young people and empty nesters moving downtown as San Antonio’s urban core continues to thrive. We also continue to see people remain in San Antonio and the surrounding suburbs like Boerne, rather than move to retire elsewhere. Texas will have the fourth highest numbers of seniors in the United States by 2020.

For us, it’s about being there for the aging population. The aging adults in their 70s and 80s move out, not in. So, our mission is to serve them in the best places possible. We’ve created communities where they can have all of the amenities they need, and we’re proud to see them growing, whether in Monte Vista, on Babcock Road, or in beautiful Boerne.

Morningside Ministries' Menger Springs campus in Boerne. Courtesy photo.
Morningside Ministries’ Menger Springs campus in Boerne. Courtesy photo.

Of course, we are thrilled to see the city center continue to grow, from Southtown to the Pearl to Houston Street. That means more variety for our residents’ offsite activities.

We believe the later years of life should be just as positive, productive, beneficial and meaningful as the earlier years of life. We need to stress the importance of the latter years just like we stress the importance of early childhood education, high school, college, young adulthood and midlife. We celebrate the longevity of life every day. More than a dozen of our residents are between the ages of 100 and 105.

Just last week, our president said to me, “Continued expansion and development will allow people to stay where they are and stay close to home. We will be giving more people more options. The current situation is bright, and the future looks even brighter.”

I am in full agreement: San Antonio and its surrounding communities have so much to offer, and we’re glad to have developed our own communities in and around the greater metro area. There’s no place else we would rather reside.

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*Featured/top image: Morningside Ministries’ Menger Springs campus in Boerne. Courtesy photo.

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