All COVID-19 vaccination appointments set for Monday at the Alamodome will be rescheduled for next Friday, Feb. 19, due to the weather, the City of San Antonio announced Friday morning. Appointment times will remain the same.

University Health system officials also announced in a tweet Friday afternoon they will be delaying the start of their vaccine operations at Wonderland Mall on Monday until noon. Anyone who has an appointment Monday morning can instead come in anytime after noon or another day next week.

Icy thunderstorms began moving through Texas Thursday, causing a 100-car pileup in Fort Worth that killed six people, and a 26-car pileup in Austin. With Sunday and Monday temperatures forecast to possibly reach historic lows, the City decided to postpone Monday’s vaccination appointments in an effort to keep local roads clear.

“With icy conditions expected we want to ensure the safety of the public,” the City said in a statement. “We understand that some may be concerned about the small delay for their second dose but we are within CDC guidelines to ensure the vaccine will still work with no issues. Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines may be scheduled for administration up to 6 weeks (42 days) after the first dose.”

The City of San Antonio is currently focused on distributing second dose vaccines to those residents who have already received their first dose at the Alamodome, said City Manager Erik Walsh in an earlier statement.

Individuals scheduled to receive their second dose of the vaccine Monday will receive direct notifications about the change of date via the email they used to register. Appointments scheduled for other days will not be affected, said Michelle Vigil, spokeswoman for the San Antonio Metropolitan Health District, in an email.

Additional appointments are being opened on a rolling basis. Appointments for the Alamodome can be made by visiting or calling 311 and selecting option eight.

For more information on how to get a COVID-19 vaccination, click here.

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Lindsey Carnett

Lindsey Carnett covers the environment, science and utilities for the San Antonio Report.