The investiture of King Antonio is one of the oldest traditions in Fiesta history, but it still resonates with residents and visitors alike. Mayor Ivy Taylor welcomed the crowds gathered outside the Alamo to celebrate the new King Antonio XCI, R. Hunt Winton III, at the ceremony on Saturday evening.

King Antonio, chosen from the ranks of the Texas Cavaliers, is expected to preside over Fiesta  celebrations and festivities. The Cavaliers, an organization dedicated to honoring the memory of the Battle of the Alamo and raising funds for local children’s charities, require King Antonio to visit schools, hospitals, and military bases throughout the community in the coming year.

The deep red pants with the powder blue jackets were stacked atop each other through out Alamo Plaza in a way that mimicked military formation, to honor the fallen heroes of The Alamo.

The crowds watched as the Mayor and King Antonio walked through an arch of crossed swords, and cheered as the new King and his fellow Texas Cavaliers waved to them. The Fiesta investiture and the Alamo presence recalled the importance of culture and tradition in San Antonio, as well as the significance of the Alamo to the city’s past and future.

Top Image:King Antonio R. Hunt Winton III walks with Mayor Ivy Taylor through a tunnel of swords held by first year Texas Cavaliers.  Photo by Scott Ball. 

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