Goodwill San Antonio provides many options for Halloween costumes. Credit: Courtesy / Goodwill of San Antonio

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You are unique – Why not create a costume that stands out with you? Instead of waiting to the last minute and settling for a big box store design, take advantage of five simple tips to help get your creative juices flowing while being kind to Mother Nature and giving back to your community by purchasing products through Goodwill San Antonio.

1. Do-it-yourself doesn’t have to mean do-it-the-hard-way

We’ve all seen the dreaded Pinterest fails. DIY doesn’t mean do it the hard way. Find your comfort zone and stick with it. Want to keep it simple and clean? There are plenty of things you can do with just a few simple pieces and old clothes.

Feeling like taking the road less traveled? Goodwill has everything you need to embrace even the “challengiest” of challenges. The best part? By shopping at Goodwill you can do it yourself while supporting a nonprofit that helps put San Antonians to work through your generosity.

2. Embrace your wild side

Hey there! 2018 is on the phone, and it says “you do you.” Want to be a shark bear this Halloween? You got it. Prefer to rock both sides of the political aisle? You can find all the reds and blues you need at your nearest Goodwill.

Just remember, Halloween is fun. Why not make the costume creation experience the same?

3. Make sure it holds up

Whether you plan on painting the town orange and black or trick-or-treating your heart out, you’ll put your costume through a lot! Make sure you use the right components to carry you through the night. The last thing you’ll want on Halloween night is for that craft-paper Super Saiyan hair do to collapse after the second dance of the night.

4. Keep it green

Here’s a scary stat: U.S. citizens will spend more than $7.4 billion on Halloween costumes this year, and 67 percent of survey participants plan to buy, not make, their costumes. Why is this a problem? The textile industry contributes more than 10 percent of carbon emissions each year. Into making a fashion statement? Breathe new life into old products this year by creating your costume from items found at your local Goodwill. Want to make the earth even happier? Donate them back to Goodwill when you are done.

5. Challenge accepted

One of the most creative ways to keep it DIY this year is to challenge your friends to a design contest. Pick a theme, come up with a checklist of items, and go wild at your nearest Goodwill.

Whether you plan for Halloween 364 days in advance or are looking for last-minute options before the big day, Goodwill San Antonio has you covered. Expand your horizons, get creative, and keep it green while purchasing from a nonprofit organization looking to do the most good for the community through your purchase. Think of it as a win-win-win!

Looking to be inspired? Download Goodwill’s 2018 Halloween Lookbook today.

John Burnam

John Burnam is the co-founder and principal of Burnam | Gray, a nonprofit consulting firm that seeks to help agencies ignite and scale best practices.