Jill Giles is the creative director of the newly launched Giles Design Bureau. Credit: Scott Ball / San Antonio Report

Giles-Parscale founder Jill Giles announced Thursday that CloudCommerce, which acquired the San Antonio design and marketing firm last fall, has launched Giles Design Bureau as its new design and branding studio.

An advisor to the CloudCommerce board and a major stockholder, Giles will serve as creative director of the newly branded “Bureau,” which employs 15 people.

In the announcement, she said that the renamed firm will continue its previous design, branding, web, environmental, and interior work. “The team you are accustomed to working with stays in place,” Giles said in a press release. “Current projects continue without interruption.”

CloudCommerce, a California-based, data-driven solutions provider, helps businesses acquire and retain customers using digital marketing strategies and campaigns.

“Design and messaging is a critical piece of our offering,” CloudCommerce CEO Andrew Van Noy wrote in an email to the Rivard Report. “Since many clients come to us just for that specialization, we decided it was best to create Giles Design Bureau as a separate brand that can work individually with clients, or as an integrated offering with CloudCommerce’s other companies.”

Giles launched her design firm as a solo production artist in 1984. Her reputation grew locally, and the business eventually developed a solid national reputation for first-class design work in print and in the built environment.

In 2011, she joined forces with digital data specialist Brad Parscale to create Giles-Parscale, which specialized in high-end design, branding, and digital media work.

Though that alliance brought the firm meteoric growth in revenues, it also sparked ire over Parscale’s digital work for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, work that is credited with playing a key role in helping Trump win.

In August 2017, Giles-Parscale sold the design and online services portion of its business, known as Parscale Creative, to CloudCommerce in a deal valued at $9 million in stock. “You rarely find a win-win like this, and this one just felt right,” Giles told the Rivard Report at the time.

CloudCommerce also acquired Parscale Media, which was owned by Brad Parscale, and recently appointed Adam Brecht to serve as president of Parscale Digital. The company bought San Antonio-based WebTegrity in November 2017.

Having grown quickly through acquisitions, Van Noy stated, CloudCommerce now consists of Giles Design Bureau, Data PropriaWebTegrity, Indaba Group, and Parscale Digital.

“Between these five companies, we are able to help our clients define who they are talking to, what messages they should communicate, and how to get those messages in front of their audiences in the most efficient way possible,” he wrote.

Parscale, who now heads the Florida-based digital data firm Parscale Strategy, has been named campaign director for Trump’s 2020 presidential bid. He also serves on the CloudCommerce board of directors.

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Shari Biediger

Shari Biediger is the development beat reporter for the San Antonio Report.