Seven years after its founding, one of the city’s formative collaborative spaces is launching a content creation arm of the company, Geekdom Media, in hopes of bringing further growth to San Antonio’ tech scene.

Former Geekdom CEO and current board chair Lorenzo Gomez formally launched Geekdom Media on Monday with the release of the organization’s first piece of original content: a podcast for marketing types and entrepreneurs called The Brand Brothers.

Donning sunglasses and black fedoras in the cover art for the podcast – evoking the comedy and blues duo of John Belushi and Dan Akroyd – Gomez and co-host Bill Schley aim to reach an audience that will be drawn to the burgeoning entrepreneurial scene in the Alamo City.

“The next phase of the ecosystem is … original content if you want the idea people to flock to your ecosystem,” said Gomez, who published his book The Cilantro Diaries last year. “I think for many years San Antonio has gotten back offices, remote offices – and these are all great – but I want us to be the ecosystem where the founders [of a company] will move here.”

Gomez, whose team at Geekdom Media consists of him and a project manager, said the company will start with publishing podcasts and books but may dive into other media such as video as the project evolves.

The Brand Brothers launched Monday with two episodes. Geekdom Media is also producing a podcast on startups and one on entrepreneurial learning, Gomez said.

Geekdom isn’t the first San Antonio tech company to dive into the world of publishing. Other startups and companies in the downtown tech corridor have been producing their own content.

Jungle Disk, a cybersecurity firm for small businesses, produces CyberTalkRadio, a podcast hosted by CEO Bret Piatt. Code management company Assembla broadcasts webinars and Q&As for its users.

Gomez’s co-host Schley, who worked in New York City for the advertising firm that inspired the TV show “Mad Men,” is now based in Florida but has business ties to San Antonio.

Gomez is looking for writers and podcasters with a strong connection San Antonio although the content itself doesn’t need to be San Antonio-centric, he said.

“I want to start moving the needle on the narrative of San Antonio and our ecosystem and the brand that we have,” he said. “I want people to go ‘Wow, these ideas are game-changing, and I can’t believe that’s happening in San Antonio.’”

JJ Velasquez was a columnist, former editor and reporter at the San Antonio Report.