The 1936 Texas Centennial Commission Battle Marker for the Battle of the Medina.
The Texas Centennial Commission's marker, placed in 1936 at the intersection of U.S. Highway 281 and Martinez Losoya Road, is one of at least two competing markers for the Battle of the Medina. New evidence suggests the actual location of the battle may have been found in southern Bexar County. Credit: Brandon Seale for the San Antonio Report

Texas in 1800 was defined by its isolation, which Tejanos felt all the more acutely because of Spain’s restrictive trade laws and general neglect towards its most distant colonies. Tejanos began to see themselves as a people apart and to crave more autonomy and control over their own affairs.

Battle of Medina sites as proposed by others.
Battle of Medina markers and proposed sites Credit: Courtesy / Samantha Alaniz and Brandon Seale

Three different battle markers claim to be the site of the Battle of Medina, though none has ever produced archaeological evidence of the battle. What can the markers tell us, however, about where the battle might have occurred? Listen to learn more.

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