LIDAR imagery of the Encinal de Medina showing historic road paths.
Light detection and ranging (LIDAR) imagery of the Encinal de Medina shows historic road paths in red. Credit: Courtesy / Brandon Seale - Google Earth

After capturing Father Miguel Hidalgo, Texas Royalist Gov. Manuel Salcedo returned to San Antonio in a less-than-magnanimous frame of mind. San Antonio, after all, was the town that had deposed him and the town to which Hidalgo had been fleeing. Salcedo took it upon himself to impress upon San Antonians the true cost of disloyalty to the Crown – and to him. 

The battlefield search team, meanwhile, employs some modern technology (LIDAR) and grunt work of a dedicated University of Texas at San Antonio researcher (Bruce Moses) to map out the roads into San Antonio in 1813 and, with that, the location of Gen. Joaquín de Arredondo’s camp and line of march on the morning of the battle.

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