David's Legacy Foundation was established in honor of David Molak (far left). Credit: Courtesy / Molak Family

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We at David’s Legacy Foundation are grateful for the support of our friends, neighbors, and partners, like our locally owned Papa John’s stores. As we work to increase awareness of teen cyberbullying and the life-altering effects it can have on families, we raise a higher bar for communities. Papa John’s does the same.

That’s why on Wednesday, Aug. 29, all 29 local Papa John’s stores will donate 29 percent of all sales to David’s Legacy Foundation to help combat cyberbullying in our communities.

David’s Legacy Foundation is committed to ending cyber-assisted bullying by educating communities about the harmful effects of cyber abuse, providing support for bullying victims, promoting kindness, and supporting legislation that prohibits the cyberbullying of minors. The support we receive from Papa John’s local stores helps to fulfill our commitment and spare as many families as possible from the pain our family has felt.

As we have learned, cyberbullying is a form of abuse that is nonstop and can invade all areas of life. Through our partnership with Papa John’s we encourage everyone to take the #DavidsLegacy Anti-Cyberbullying Pledge and take a public stand against cyberbullying. By pledging to never use electronic devices as a weapon, we can elevate the conversation and increase awareness of cyberbullying and cyber abuse. 

Click to learn more about David’s Legacy Foundation or to support the foundation by ordering Papa John’s.


Maurine Molak

Maurine Molak is co-founder of David Legacy’s Foundation. Along with her husband and two older sons, and with the support of legislators and many others, she witnessed the passage of “David’s Law,”...