Local tech entrepreneur Brad Parscale is redirecting some traffic to Mayor Ivy Taylor’s re-election website, VoteIvy.com, according to online records.

Parscale, of recent President-Elect Donald Trump campaign fame, purchased RonForSA.org, which is similar to domains owned by Councilman Ron Nirenberg’s mayoral campaign such as RonForSA.com and others that direct to VoteRon.com.

“We knew absolutely nothing about this. Parscale did this entirely on his own,” Taylor campaign spokesman Greg Jefferson told the Rivard Report. Later, he added, “Since we didn’t ask Parscale to do this, it’s not our place to ask him to undo it. If Ron’s campaign is upset about it, they should contact Parscale.”

Nirenberg officially launched his campaign on Saturday. Kelton Morgan, a spokesman for Nirenberg’s campaign, declined to comment.

“I did this on my own,” Parscale confirmed via text to the Rivard Report. “I support Mayor Taylor.”

Such online tactics have grown in popularity in recent campaigns.

Before the presidential primary, JebBush.com directed to Trump’s website. A spokesperson for the Trump campaign denied any connection to the purchase earlier this year.

In 2013, Nirenberg’s then-District 8 campaign purchased RolandoBriones.com which contained attacks on his opponent, according to an archived column by Brian Chasnoff for the San Antonio Express-News.

Parscale’s design and marketing firm Giles-Parscale was hired to design Taylor’s website more than one year ago, Jefferson said.

While he might be involved in routine site maintenance, he added, “(Parscale is) not in any way involved with the campaign now and certainly he’s not helping with strategy. He has no say over the content on the campaign website.”

Parscale attended the launch of Taylor’s re-election campaign last month to show his support.

“I believe she’s one of the forward-thinkers and a planner that brings San Antonio forward,” he said in November.

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Iris Dimmick

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