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Gordon Hartman, chief executive officer of the Gordon Hartman Family Foundation, had a dream of creating a place where children of all abilities could participate. In the old quarry that would become Morgan’s Wonderland there was nothing but rock – no infrastructure, no energy grid, no power lines. But when Hartman met with CPS Energy to discuss his plans, his dream became their dreams.

As the two teams worked together, CPS Energy became a trusted partner in making Hartman’s dream a reality. The utility went above and beyond to supply the energy needed to turn the quarry into what would become the first theme park of its kind.

Since 2010, Morgan’s Wonderland has welcomed more than 1 million visitors of all abilities from across the nation and 65 countries. This year Hartman’s dream was named the “Park of the Year” in the prestigious Golden Ticket Awards.

As CPS Energy celebrates 75 years of municipal ownership and looks to the future, the utility company is reflecting on its role in the community. The story of CPS Energy’s success is found not in equipment and power plants, but in people and their dreams. The company’s 3,100 employees have a passion for operational excellence and innovation because they understand what they do on a daily basis gives people the “Power to Dream.”

CPS Energy is a community-owned electric and natural gas services provider serving greater San Antonio with reliable, competitively priced, and sustainable energy services in an equitable manner.