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What are the most important aspects of San Antonio that need protecting?

What are the biggest challenges San Antonio faces in the next 20 years?

How would you prioritize transportation funding?

Questions that are typically posed to mayoral candidates are being asked by the City of its residents in a survey to help prepare for the additional 1.1 million people expected to move to the San Antonio area by 2040.

Take the survey, available until June 1, here.

SA Tomorrow is trying to get the ball rolling now to plan for smart growth and the survey aims to help the City get a better understanding of what citizens think that smart growth looks like.

Initiated by Mayor Ivy Taylor last year, SA Tomorrow is a long-term, three-tiered plan. The Multimodal Transportation Plan analyzes transportation methods to best meet community needs; the Sustainability Plan manages economic, environmental, and social resources; and both will be included in The Comprehensive Plan that will focus on what the city will look in 2040 and how to get there.

SA Tomorrow is asking the community to participate in the planning initiative for 2040 by taking a short, five-minute survey. The survey’s main focus is the transportation plan, but it addresses questions in the two other categories as well, inquiring about sustainability issues such as air and water quality, and comprehensive issues such as city development.

The survey begins with the “most important aspects that exist in San Antonio today that need to be protected and/or enhanced in the future,” and narrows its scope to more tailored questions about the specific transportation method a community member prefers.

The more general questions that pertain to the city as a whole, like the one that asks “What is the biggest challenge (existing or potential) to be addressed in the Comprehensive Plan and the larger SA Tomorrow effort?” provides responses that address housing, urban planning, education, air and water quality, infrastructure, diversity, and the economy.

The questions regarding transportation ask community members how they commute to work or school – by car, bus, bicycle, or foot – and how they would like to see money dispersed between various methods of transportation.

The survey concludes by asking the recipient to provide their age, sex, race, zip code, and average household income.

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