Credit: Image ©John Branch for the San Antonio Report, 2016.

Members of the Parks, Recreation, and Open Space bond committee Monday voted to take $2 million from the Hardberger Park land bridge, a vision birthed in 2014, and allocate it to McAllister Park.

The park is currently split in half by Wurzbach Parkway. City staff originally proposed dishing out $7.5 million from the $116 million parks bond and $7.5 million from the streets bond to the bridge, which would provide a valuable connection for people and wildlife to cross from one side of the park to the other.

The proposition of reallocating the funds to McAllister Park was “in the spirit of cooperation and compromise,” said District 8 committee member Doug McMurry at the meeting, but got mixed reviews from others.

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John Branch

Cartoonist John Branch has commented on San Antonio and Texas politics for decades; his work is syndicated nationally by King Features.