Florida police on Monday released three minutes of body-camera footage of former San Antonian Brad Parscale, barefoot and shirtless, approaching officers in the driveway of his Fort Lauderdale home following a three-hour standoff. 

Parscale, who made a name for himself as Donald Trump’s campaign manager in 2016, was handcuffed and transported to Broward Health Medical Center where he was admitted after threatening to harm himself. 

Parscale’s wife, Candice Parscale, told police her husband drinks and “suffers from PTSD.”

In the video posted to Youtube, Candice Parscale is seen talking to officers and describing her husband as “going crazy.”

“He came out of his office and he was irate [and he] cocked a gun,” she said, and after leaving the room to “give him space,” she saw him look out a window and heard what she thought was a gun going off. 

A police report indicates Candice Parscale, alarmed by her husband’s behavior, left the home, according to reports in the South Florida Sun Sentinel

Soon after, an attempted suicide call came in from a realtor who had been standing outside a neighboring house in the Seven Isles community of multimillion-dollar, waterfront homes where Parscale lives. Candice Parscale told the officers responding to the scene that there were multiple firearms in the home and that he had been making “suicidal comments throughout the week,” according to the police report.

Based on Candice Parscale’s description, police were concerned Parscale had shot himself, but they heard him ranting as he paced his residence with the family dog barking in the background. Parscale refused to talk with officers or vacate the home for several hours before finally emerging, according to reports. Parscale, with a beer in his hand, made his way down his driveway to a waiting police officer. 

In the video, the officer asks Parscale what happened, and as he begins to answer, other officers are heard shouting off-camera at Parscale to get on the ground. A few seconds later, one officer rushes in and tackles Parscale in the street.

Parscale repeatedly tells officers, “I didn’t do anything,” while being handcuffed and lifted to his feet. 

YouTube video

Parscale was serving as President Trump’s reelection campaign manager until he was removed from the position in July, not long after a poorly attended campaign rally in Tulsa and just four months ahead of the election. 

Parscale has been widely criticized for extravagant spending of campaign funds, including millions in payments to his own companies.

After news broke of Parscale’s hospitalization Sunday evening, Tim Murtaugh, Trump’s campaign communications director issued a statement saying: “Brad Parscale is a member of our family and we all love him. We are ready to support him and his family in any way possible.”

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