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I am running for district attorney because Bexar County deserves a DA who will be tough but fair – someone who will not play favorites. I will restore order and discipline in the DA’s office and focus on criminal justice, not politics.

Our epidemic of domestic violence is the worst in the state, and I will meet the problem head on. We need a DA who is committed to put those who prey on this community behind bars and a DA who is determined to keep our community safe. That is my pledge to the people of Bexar County.

I am the most experienced candidate in the race. After graduating from Brown University and the University of Texas Law School, I spent nearly a decade in the Bexar County DA’s office, rising from freshman attorney to senior prosecutor. I prosecuted more than 150 jury trials, including capital cases. I am the only candidate with experience prosecuting capital-murder death-penalty cases.

In addition, I am the only candidate with any rating from the impartial national lawyer referral service Martindale-Hubble, and it’s the highest level – AV Preeminent for excellence in both legal skills and ethical behavior. I attended the National Advocacy Center in Columbia, South Carolina, the advanced training center for both the U.S. Department of Justice as well as the National College of District Attorneys. Finally, I have been selected as a special prosecutor to handle matters for every DA’s administration since I left that office.

For the past 18 years, I have been a defense attorney in private practice with extensive experience in local, state, and federal courts. I know criminal justice inside and out – and I am board-certified in criminal law; less than 1 percent of all licensed attorneys in Texas are certified in criminal law.

First and foremost, my focus as DA will be on the administration of that office and paying attention to all of the menaces that plague this county. I firmly believe that those who break the law must understand there are consequences for their actions. Moreover, I don’t believe we can selectively prosecute our way to better public safety, prosecuting only the most dangerous criminals while leaving others out on the streets to continue preying on our community. We must be tough on crime and hold criminals accountable. To do otherwise would lead to chaos and a more dangerous community.

I will also work harder than anyone to solve our epidemic of domestic violence. I have met with community stakeholders and developed a real plan based not only on my experiences but also on the collective knowledge and wisdom of these stakeholders. As DA, I will empower prosecutors with the tools and resources they need, and I’ll coordinate with outside agencies to ensure women and children are protected. I will work with other agencies to promote a campaign to raise awareness about the problem of domestic violence and sexual offenses against women and children,  including the growing menace of human trafficking.

Being tough on crime doesn’t mean turning a blind eye to problems confronting the criminal justice system. I want to ensure that veterans suffering from PTSD and other conditions who sometimes get caught up in the criminal justice system are treated with compassion and understanding. Additionally, we must coordinate better with mental health experts and services to keep people in need of treatment out of the criminal justice system.

In addition, I will ensure we prosecute white-collar crimes, elder fraud, and other crimes that are not getting the attention and focus they deserve. A DA cannot simply ignore whole areas of the penal code that deserve real attention.

My campaign is supported by a broad cross-section of this community. People realize a safer community will come from experienced leadership that is focused on criminal justice instead of social engineering.

I am the candidate with the most experience, the strongest qualifications, and a solid plan to improve public safety. I respectfully ask for your vote for Bexar County District Attorney.

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Tylden Shaeffer

Tylden Shaeffer is a graduate of Brown University and the University of Texas School of Law, a former top-level prosecutor, and a respected attorney. He and his wife, Dr. Stephanie Bowen, are the proud...