San Antonio enjoys the newly renovated Travis Park during its grand reopening March 31, 2014. Photo by David Rangel.
San Antonio enjoys the newly renovated Travis Park during its grand reopening March 31, 2014. Credit: David Rangel for the San Antonio Report

Awesome SA is trying something new: April applicants were invited to present creative proposals celebrating and enhancing the rebirth of Travis Park downtown. The result was a wave of innovative and cool project proposals.

The organization’s 12 trustees, who give away $1,000 a month to support public creativity, will host the finalists at Travis Park, Friday May 16, 5-7 p.m and announce a winner at 6 p.m. Food trucks and a cash bar will enliven the public space. You are invited.

Colleen Swain will be on hand from the Center City Development Office. Past winners will be there to update the community on the status of their award-winning projects. It’s official: An awesome time will be had by all. Please, join us.

Find each applicant’s submission below as submitted to the Awesome SA board:

Dance Party at Travis Park by Eddie Romero

A little about me:

I hope my bullet points do not deduct from my entry: – Father of Two – Husband of One, One that I’ve known since Middle School – San Antonio Native – SWT (Texas State) B.A. – advertising – UIW M. A. – communication + design – King William Resident – the 700 sq. ft. apts. in KW ? – Centro San Antonio Employee – membership & events manager – The Localist Map creator & observer – Writer without technical skills – Love San Antonio now and love San Antonio for what is planned

Here’s my idea:

This project is inspired by many things: -The park renovations. -The brand equity built from San Antonio Parks Foundation and the City’s Jazz’SAlive. -The new professionals working and living in downtown – young and older. —Events such as the Pop-Up shops along Houston St., Puro Pinche Pop-Up concerts and sessions happening at Alamo Music -The love KRTU 91.7 – Jazz San Antonio has shown towards the new efforts happening at Travis.

The project is simple, a “Super Soul Shakedown” dance party at Travis Park. Attendees are not just viewing dancers, but experiencing the park and the surrounding environment in a truly authentic, Awesome SA way.

Super Soul Shakedown event series has deep roots in San Antonio, Soul Music for that matter has deep roots that go all the way back to Sunny and the Sunliners. However, a Super Soul Shakedown has not happened in over a year after Steve Balser, one of the creators of SSS took a job with Red Bull as their Multi Cultural Marketing Director – yep for Red Bull. Two radio programs that gave life to the event series still exist on KRTU.

In short, this is a free event. 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.

The links below will paint the best picture of this vision and give provide more background on the Shakedown.

From The Dallas Morning News: ‘Decks in the Park’ Brings Music and Fun and Neon Lights to Klyde Warren Park

From Express-News: DJs keep mix of old, new funk alive

How I will use the money:

The money will go to talent, audio, and video. Video elements include pop up projections. Marketing and promotions via influential social media tastemakers.

How will this make Travis Park awesome?

This event will make Travis Park a destination for those who have not been exposed to how great the improvements look. This event will activate the park after dark. This event will give attendees a memorable, one of a kind experience at Travis Park that they will share with others.

Travis Park Lit Up! by Alfred Rocha

A little about me:

I am a long time downtown enthusiast that has lived 6 years downtown. I take pride in the fact that I have helped create several non-profits that has and will aid the community. One is a community association in the Southside, which I served as President. The latest is the AR Group, which I am currently developing to assist land owners with responsible property decisions.
I walk the grounds of Travis Park almost daily whether walking my son or walking to our favorite downtown destination.

Here’s my idea:

A great public space is not only utilized during the day but is capable of reinventing itself in the night time to create a magical experience. The idea would be a plan to transform Travis Park to a wonder of light for a few days that will be the impetus for other downtown parks and ultimately Hemisfair Park. Although the lights will make the park a wonder of lights and amazement. The ultimately goal is to welcome a new but exciting life time environment. This would include Pop-UP Happy Hours, traveling art exhibits and performances.

The lights would all be driven by a combination of Solar Power and other renewable technologies-detailing the importance and reliability of renewables in the park.

The main installation would include several Solar Light Trees that will not only serve as art/light source but include planters to enhance the park during the day. These Solar Light Trees will be portable making it easily transported to other areas of the park.

The installation can be a two day event- one emphasizing adult participation the second can be geared towards family participation.

How I will use the money:

Money will be used for the main installation however, a valuable effort should be made to obtain sponsorships to offset costs. Furthermore, pro bon efforts will be made to obtain support and showcase the UTSA Sustainable Energy Research Institute with development of the Solar Light Tree.

Also sponsorship efforts should be made to support the Pop-UP Happy Hour and performances.

How will this make Travis Park awesome?

This will create a new and exciting environment for Travis Park with options for adults and children. Creating a magical world collaborating renewable energy, learning and fun.

Green Sculptural Bike Rack by San Anto Cultural Arts

A little about me:

San Anto Cultural Arts is a grassroots nonprofit located in the heart of the Westside. Our mission is to foster human and community development through community-based arts. We work with local residents, especially youth, to create a community newspaper and public art pieces designed to reflect the great San Antonio culture. Through arts and mentorship, we provide the opportunity to belong to a creative community, empowering them to pursue a higher education.

Here’s my idea:

We want to build an awesome sculpture that is both green and functional. The green sculptural bike rack project will engage youth ages 9-19 in the process of using recycled materials to create a dynamic public art piece to be installed in Travis Park. Youth will work with a local metal artist and educator to conceptualize and execute a large-scale public art project. Through this, they will learn 3D design, sculpture, and green art. They will also gain tangible skills in metal fabrication including welding, forging, and powder coating.

Not only will this project impact youth and advance public art in San Antonio, but, in serving as a bicycle rack, it will promote an Eco-friendly form of transportation – cycling. Utilizing recycled materials further enables this project to nurture environmental consciousness.

How I will use the money:

The money will go toward the full budget for the project: $3,500

Here’s how it will be allocated:

Artist contracts and salaries $ 2,050 Supplies & Materials $ 900 Installation $ 400 Blessing/Unveiling $ 150 TOTAL $ 3,500

Matching funds will be pursued from our existing funders.

How will this make Travis Park awesome?

The green sculptural bike rack will bring public art to Travis Park while providing a functional place to lock up visitors’ bikes. This project will also bring (potentially national) exposure to the efforts to make Travis Park awesome.

Plus, let’s not forget that this project will be created by youth. Travis Park will become an integral part of their life journeys. Our future leaders will forever be able to reminisce about the Travis Park sculpture project that put them on the path to success!

Travis Park Awesome Bike Rack by Casey D. Cooper

A little about me:

I am an Educator, Artist and idea person. I have a Masters of Fine Arts in Sculpture and have entered the world of public art. I have pieces in the permanent collection of the City of Austin, San Antonio and Carbondale Colorado. I teach at the collegiate level at the Art Institute of San Antonio and believe in making a difference through visual arts.

Here’s my idea:

It is my understanding that the attention of Awesome SA this month is making Travis Park that much more Awesome!

I am interested in being considered being this months recipient based in that information.

I enjoy how San Antonio is making efforts to make cycling in our beautiful city more pleasant for those who pedal.

With that in mind I would like to plant a seed of the most Awesome bike rack the city can imagine. While I have a few ideas in mind I do not feel presenting an idea is appropriate. I would like to use a portion if the grant to speak with San Antonio bike riders and park goers and come up with the best design possible.

I have successfully completed a bike rack (photo attached) that is beyond Awesome along with San Anto Cultural Arts and would love nothing more than to add another amazing functional art pice to the City of San Antonio.

I am thankful for what the Awesome SA Foundation is doing for the city and would like to be considered for this months grant.

How I will use the money:

The funds will go towards supplies for the sculpture including steel, welding supplies and studio expenses.

How will this make Travis Park awesome?

Travis Park will receive an amazing contemporary sculpture that will also function as a bike rack.

Oh Snap! Photo Scavenger Hunt at Travis Park by Sarah Brooke Lyons

A little about me:

I’m a local Photographer in San Antonio committed to bringing joy and happiness to communities through photography! I photograph individuals in ways that express their best self, and showcasing events and businesses with positive and exciting imagery.

Here’s my idea:

Oh Snap! A photography scavenger hunt in Travis park is an open invitation for San Antonio to come out and play together in the park with a creative competitive edge. Groups of 3-4 will be given a list of items or activities centering around Travis Park. Using one cell phone camera per group,they will go out to find and photograph each item on the list. The list of items will include objects found around the park, riddles to be solved and then photographed, group photos taken in hilarious ways, and challenging images involving creativity. Each list item will be given a point value, and a set amount of time will be given to complete the task. A winner will be determined either by the first team to complete the list, or, if no one has completed by the given time arrangement, then the team with the highest number of points. Players will be encouraged to upload their images onto social media with the hashtag #ohsnapTravisPark & #AwesomeSA. While players enjoy downtime with refreshments after the hunt, a group of judges will look through the images that have been uploaded online. Prizes will be given to the winning team, as well as to other photo categories such as: most creative photo, best composition, funniest photo, and best use space. T

How I will use the money:

Money from the Awesome SA prize would be used to for event promotion, creation of printed material at the event, event set up needs, refreshments, cash prize for the winning team, and gift card prizes from unique local business for category winners.

How will this make Travis Park awesome?

This event will encourage participants to get to know Travis Park in a new way, as well as create friendships and networking opportunities with the other players. It will allow those who haven’t discovered the park yet to come down and create I believe that with the success of this event, we could create an annual Oh Snap photo scavenger hunt in Travis Park with local businesses contributing unique items to find, prizes, and booths for refreshment and entertainment.

*Featured/top image: San Antonio enjoys the newly renovated Travis Park during its grand reopening March 31, 2014. Photo by David Rangel.

This article was assembled by various members of the San Antonio Report staff.